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Saturday, April 18, 2009

sowing seeds of righteousness, reaping loving kindness

my heart is beating quickly as i write this note today. as i watched my husband work around our home today, i think of the many times that i take him for granted, he is the hardest worker i have ever seen. he is constantly looking for ways to make our life easier and our home better for our family, building beds for our kids, painting things for their room, working in the yard, even cooking on the grill, which he does magnificently, many times a week. God has blessed my life with him and i know it. but, many times these things seem like just everyday living and not extraordinary. so, i overlook them being unappreciative and calloussed and definitely not enjoying him the way that i should. at those times it seems i am partaking of the fruit of the lies that the enemy has whispered in my ear.

but, today for some reason, my heart and thoughts toward him are of the sweetest kind and i keep feeling as if he is extaordinary, as if he is the greatest gift God could have given me, next to my salvation of course. wow! this feeling in me is not something i could conjure up myself. i feel the Spirit of God moving in my heart and making my heart soft and tender toward him, like He is breaking up the uncultivated, fallow ground, the hard and unappreciative parts, in me and gently planting His thoughts about my husband in my heart. i keep hearing the words in my head, "sowing seeds of righteouness, reaping loving kindness." as i receive God's truth in my heart, it seems like the fruit is almost immediate in me as to how i want to reach out to aaron in loving and kind ways. i keep thinking he is just perfect in every way. i can't think of one thing that he does that makes me irritated or frustrated with him, not one thing. every time i think about him, my stomach does a flip, like it used to when we were first falling in love. i found myself thinking that i can't wait until tonight when we are all done with our kids activities and household duties so i can cuddle up next to him on the couch with his arms around me and tell him that i love him. i am excited to partake of the full harvest of the planting of the seeds of righteousness that God is planting in me today.


Kim said...

so true....I find myself overlooking some things as well...not out of expectation, just there are so many of these things that sometimes I forget to say thank you...I am so glad you have this kind of love!

Bre said...

I love being married and Zach does little things all the time that just mean the world to me. I love hearing other people who are so much in love and appreciate their spouse no matter how long you have been together. thanks for sharing

Kellie Felmey said...

Oh, Christy, how blessed you are!!

mom said...

He is a gem!! Works hard!!I am happy you feel that appreciation! I hope he reads this blog!!

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

What a wonderful post! WOW! You both are very lucky to have each other!! Stopping by from SITS (and glad I did)!

Joykath said...

Yeah for you! Unfortunately for me, when I read this, it's a bit discouraging 'cause Im reminded of my current state of marriage. I know I sound like a complainer, but sometimes the "fleshly" truth hurts. ;-(

connie said...

Oh, isn't Jesus wonderful! He does such a mighty work in our hearts when we're willing to give up the lies and let His truth really do heart surgery in us.
I, too, find myself adoring my husband. He is wonderful! I use to be so irritated with him and find so many faults, but then it was because I was looking to Him to meet my needs, instead of Jesus who is the only One Who truly can.
When I believe the truth that I am complete in Jesus and think upon His love for me, He empowers me to love the way He does. Loving our husbands is the fruit of truly abiding in Jesus and who we are in Him. It's a wonderful life!

Loved this post!

Joykath said...

Ok so, if we are supposed to be looking to Jesus to meet our needs & NOT our spouse, then why even get married????Please don't give me some corny reason like: "I just have so much love to give away, that I needed to bless someone with it. Cause if we're being honest their are always selfish reasons that we get outta staying married! There are personal benefits that come with honest teamwork, whether or not Jesus is a part of any marriage. But as we all know... It does take two and lies & distrust cannot be a part of a healthy marriage.

christy rose said...

All I can tell you Joy is that my heart is hard and calloused toward my husband when I look at him in his own flesh and imperfections. But, when I look to God and let the Holy Spirit break up that hard part of my heart, caused by the lies of the enemy, and sow the Truth of His thoughts about my husband in my heart, I immediately begin to experience the fruit of it and I begin to feel loving and kind feelings toward Aaron.

The truth is this-that if you continue to believe the lies-stay hard and calloused-you
will stay miserable or if you ask God to move in your heart-receive His thoughts toward your husband-then you begin to experience unconditional love that overflows into others and joy unspeakable in your own heart.