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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

amazed at His faithfulness

a couple of days ago my oldest daughter came to me right before it was time for bed and asked me if she could stay home from school the next day because her best friend from school was not going to be there then. she had been having some trouble at school with some of the girls, that used to be her good friends, singling her and her only friend out, being mean and bullying them with manipulative actions and words, trying to scare them. this had already been dealt with at school by the principal and she was being watched over and protected by him as much as possible. but, on this day, her friend was not going to be at school because she was going out of town for some reason. rachel was feeling like she was going to be taking on this situation all by herself and she was feeling scared and overwhelmed by it. so, she asked me to deliver her from having to deal with it.

knowing that running was not rachel's answer, i told her she could not stay home and that she needed to go to school, know who she was, trust Jesus to take care of her and be with her. she would not be taking on that day alone and she would be just fine. i always pray with her before she goes to bed and this time i made sure that we paid attention to the words of my prayer that God would help her to do her very best in all that she does and cause her to know that she needs Him and is dependent on Him in order for her to shine His character in her life. i had a real peace about the whole thing and she went on up to bed.

that next day when she got home from school, i asked her how her day went and she said that it went ok. her principal made sure to keep track of her day and helped to make her feel safe. she said she still had to deal with dirty looks and efforts of intimidation but she just thought that they were all so stupid and immature. that is about all she said. she did not give me many details. but, she made it through and she did not run from her problems, she faced them head on with Jesus.

so, today i was on the computer and i saw a status that she had put on for herself with a quote that just blessed me. it said, "another day of school, another scene of drama! but i managed to blow it off and go on with my life. i realized today as another stupid incident happened at school that choosing friends is so much more important than i thought it was. i trusted these people, all of them, and look where it got me. but nobody as dumb as them is ever gonna throw me out of my path of security because I KNOW WHO I AM and its not what they say i am." as i see God's Spirit at work in her heart, it makes me want to cry tears of joy. then i realized that she had been reading my posts on my blog which lead me to see that she had created one for herself. what she wrote in it so blessed me that i can not even explain. what God is doing in her is literally taking my breath away! i copied the first page of her blog onto this post for a testimony to the goodness and grace of my God. i am amazed at his faithfulness!!

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My name is Rachel Rose! I'm 14 years old and have 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters. jacob and josiah! Olivia and Amanda! my parents christy and aaron Rose! i started blogging when i read all the blogs my mom did and it just inspired me and then i started realizing that i could take all my frustration in my life and make it good in these blogs or even just inspire someone else like my mom did with me!

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Monday, April 27, 2009
LOVE? such a complicated concept that noone really understands, i mean you can say that you love someone and not really mean it but if that person says they love you and they dont mean it than your usally deeply effended. why is it that we expect so much from one person but we dont expect ourselves to give all of that back? my friend and i just recently went through breakups together hers a little harder than mine but still, her and her boyfriend had stated that they both loved each other and that they were going to be together forever and... but then when he changes his mind and dumps her shes crushed and then comes to realize that she didnt love him either she wasted those oh so special words on someone she now regrets:( but what hurts her the most was the fact he said he didnt love her anymore and even now when she realizes she didnt love him either it still makes her mad that he lied to her. i spent that last couple days just thinking... why is that God can love us even though some dont love him, but he doesnt care nothing can change his perspective of us no matter what you do HE still loves you and HE WILL NEVER lie to you! so many people are going to lie to us but we just need to keep our heads up and realize that ONE persone NEVER will:)

there is a link to her blog on the left under "blogs i love to read" if anyone is interested in visiting her site and leaving a comment to encourage her in her quest for Truth and her walk with God, as a teenager looking for answers in this crazy world.


Jess said...

God is sooo good! Looks like Rachel has the same talent for writing as her mother! I can't wait to see her life unfold, I just know its gonna blow us all away! You are one blessed mama! ~jess b

Billy Coffey said...

Just your average teenager? It doesn't sound like that to me. Doesn't sound like that to me at all.

Kim said...

wow...abundance!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Shanda said...

What a blessing! You are reaping what you have sown into her life. I believe God is so proud of both of you!!

I read a blog post awhile back where the mom would put a little of her own perfume on her daughter's hand/wrist so when she needed a reminder that she was being prayed for she could smell the perfume and know the sweet aroma of prayers being sent up to the Father on her behalf. She had done it during exam time when her daughter was stressed out..

Thank you for being such a beautiful example to us by praying with her before school and helping her to see her own identity in Christ! That is something I am passionate about and pray more girls would have mama's who would know that truth themselves and lead their daughters in truth!

connie said...

This blog brought me to tears once again. I see so much of myself in Rachel. I dealt with the same drama in school too. I remember not wanting to go to school because of it.

I am rejoicing with you at the work God is doing in Rachel's heart. I have prayed for her often. I know that God will work mightily in her heart and life. He is so faithful! Thank you for sharing your challenges it touches the deepest places of our heart.

Connie said...

Which one is Rachel's? I can't seem to find it?