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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

its a wonderful life

i thought i would share what my day was like today. it was a wonderful day! I woke up this morning to take my girls to school, came home and fed my baby his breakfast, laid him down for his morning nap and sat down to catch up on all my facebook friends happenings and my new blog interests. i am so ministered to by the things i read that God is doing in all of their lives.

then, aaron called and said he was coming home to take me to the home improvement store to pick out landscaping for our front yard of our new home. we picked up lunch while we were out. i came home in time to be there for my girls when they came home from school, talked to them about their day, put jacob down for his afternoon nap, and headed out to watch my oldest son hit his first homerun of the year for his highschool baseball team. they won 7-3.

when the game was over, i left the ball field to go back home. i pulled up to my house and saw my youngest daughter and my baby boy playing in the front yard together. it was such a sweet sight. i went into the house to find that my oldest daughter had made dinner, lasagna and garlic bread, and it was on the table waiting for us all to come home. we all ate dinner and then i was off to take my girls to dance. their recital is this weekend.

i came home and knew that i had to write about my wonderful day with my wonderful family, thanking my wonderful God for allowing me to live a wonderful life!


Anonymous said...

I love my wonderful daughter!!!!!

Daveda said...

It really is in everyday life that we can find true joy and beauty! Thanks for sharing!

Hmmm...Do you think boys cook like that, I would love to come home to dinner someday LOL!
Love ya!

stephanie said...

aww that's so sweet.

Shannon said...

Each day is a blessing, isn't it!

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day :)