My Family


Thursday, June 30, 2011

a baby story

once upon a time there was a family who was yet to be complete.  there was a mom and a dad and five beautiful children.  they loved one another very much and thought that their family of seven was very busy and full.  but Someone thought that another person needed to be added to make the bouquet of roses more beautiful.  whoever heard of only getting a bouquet of five roses anyway, right?  adding another baby would give us a half dozen rosebuds that would bloom into beautiful roses in our family garden. so, along came jonah to make our family complete.

on may 18, 2011, he made his entrance into the world in fine fashion.
our wonderful nurse, melanie, got him cleaned up right away

and taught him how to sun bathe, which he absolutely loved.

it soon came time to notify the world
how did people ever know anything before cell phones and texting?

i was first to love on him after his bath.
he cleaned up beautifully!
then he was welcomed with lots of kisses from daddy
and jacob

and great big smiles from all of his siblings

family and friends soon came to welcome him

proud grandma
soon we took him home and he found his special place within our family
jonah was God's masterful touch added to our family bouquet of roses
but this is not the end of this story
only the beginning to the many stories we will all tell about the time jonah came into our family

Friday, June 17, 2011

backyard tentin'

jacob has been asking daddy to go tentin' ever since he realized that we had a little sleeping tent. so backyard tentin' arrived at the rose home.
"this is where we are going to sleep? yay!!!"
"no jacob, jonah is too little to sleep out here yet.  but he can't wait to join you when he gets as big as you. "

"but josiah will tent with you tonight, ok"
what is tentin' without a little rompin' on the playground equipment? 
time to roast the hot dogs!
hey! what happened to my hotdogs daddy?!
1st time backyard tentin' = lots of fun!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

look out world....

another rose on the road

Saturday, June 11, 2011

oh brother where art thou!

"oh brother! oh brother!"
"where art thou?"
"oh there you are!"
"i like you!"

"oh other brother where art thou?"
"oh there you are!"
"i like you too!"
"so far this brother thing is pretty awesome!"