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Friday, March 27, 2009

laying my heart at the feet of Jesus

well, here goes. not really sure how this is going to go but i do believe it is in my heart to begin to share some of the things that God is doing in my life and secrets that live in my heart. i've really been inspired by a blog that i have just begun to read by a young, sweet mommy (what she calls herself). happening upon her blog was not an accident but, i believe, a direction from the Lord. as i have read much of what she has written from her heart, i've been moved to tears and smiled a lot, enjoying partaking of what she has shared. wondering if anything that i have to share might move anyone as her writings have moved me, i thought that i just might let some of my heart be opened to those interested in hearing the secrets in the heart of a wife and mom who sometimes feels as if she might drown in the difficulties of raising five children if it weren't for my God who is ever so merciful and His Grace who is ever so powerful. as i write this, tears stream down my own face, thinking of some of the situations that i am laying at the feet of Jesus at this very moment in my life. this seems to make it plain to me that going forward with this new adventure of blogging may just be a way for God to continue to remind me of His love and His goodness toward me. open heart surgery, with God's love as the knife, that's kind of what it feels like. cutting away the dead, useless pieces and repairing it with His intense, unconditional love. i hope that a few people are touched and moved to sharing their lives as well by reading some of what i may reveal of myself as i continue to lay my heart at his feet and trust Him to keep it and make it whole.

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