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Thursday, April 2, 2009

seeing the world through the eyes of a child

ever since i could remember i had the dream of someday being a mommy. pretending to live out that dream as a little girl, i'd play house with my baby dolls and kitchen with my little bake oven that my grandpa got for me. i remember that i always wanted the dolls that seemed to be the most real life, the ones that really cried, laughed, drank a bottle and wet their diapers. and, every Christmas, my grandpa would get me a huge box of real food that i could really bake in my oven. i wanted my pretend world to be as real-life to me as possible. in pretend world, it was a perfect world. everything was exactly the way that i wanted. it was my world. i created it and i could make it anyway i wanted it to be. my babies were perfect. my daddy for my babies was perfect. our home was perfect. the world was perfect. never did i ever have the thought that this world is getting so bad i just don't know about having children today. never did i think that the economy is going to fold and be destroyed. never did i fear that my children's world would not be as wonderful as the world that i had created for my pretend family. of course, i was a child myself. i saw the world from the viewpoint of living in provision and security. so, i put my worldview into my pretend world.

so, as an adult today, i am reminded, by the Lord, of the Scripture (Luke 18:16,17) where Jesus tells His disciples that the kingdom of God belongs to those who see the world from the viewpoint of a child, one who sees and experiences their world from a place of trust. their security and trust lies in the ones who provide and care for them without any concern or worry on their part that the provision of one day won't be available the next. and, they place their expectation of their future with the same secure worldview. wow! " such as these belongs the kingdom of God."

continuing to see myself as that little girl so dependent on my parents for the provision of my world, i surrender to the unction within me to see the world today through the eyes of that child. God is my Father and no matter what it looks like in the natural, I will trust in the promise of His provision for His children that will usher in the fullness of His kingdom here on this earth. i will not fear for my children's future. i will not fear for the world's monetary system. i will not fear for lack in my life or my children's lives. i will look around this world and see all the nations and be astounded and astonished at the effect of the work of His plan for His provision of His kingdom in this world (Habakkuk 1:5). His plan for all the ages to unify His family in the provision of the finished work of Jesus Christ. call it seeing the world though rose-colored glasses if you will. i call it seeing the world through the eyes of a child wearing her Father's glasses!

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