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Sunday, April 5, 2009

the cry of my heart is not too difficult for Him

i think i was three when my mom got saved. she tells the story of herself, a very young mommy with two little girls, my sister and me, searching in her heart asking God to help her find the best way to raise her babies. she knew she had lives in her hands and she wanted to raise us right which seemed like an overwheming task for her to handle at the time. Jesus was the answer to her search. except that instead of finding Him, He found her. He came knocking on her door. the small little trailer court that we lived in was just down the street from a nazarene church. Jesus, through a couple of the ladies who attended there, excited about evangelizing the world for Him, came knocking at her door and she answered. telling her that God loved her and Jesus was her answer, she accepted the Lord into her life and was forever changed. therefore, so was my sister and I.

i can still remember the love and acceptance that i felt at that church. i felt so welcomed and favored by everyone. you can sense that when you are three you know. and i did. i do not remember the day or the moment that i got saved. but, i can tell you that i do not remember not being saved. immediately, i received the love of Jesus that all of these wonderful people were showering on me and responded to God's love for me through them. dear Lord, help me to remember that in my own church today. i think that sometimes we think children are oblivious and really don't know what is going on. but, they can feel acceptance. they can feel love. and, they will relate God's thoughts toward them by the adults that they encounter in the place where they are taught about their God. i remember experiencing the presence of God very strongly many times at that nazarene church before i ever turned eight years old, which is when we left there and went to another church. looking back now, i would have to say that learning to recognize His presence and learning to respond to it as i got older was the result of the answer to the cry of my mom's heart. seeing her children live right and experience a good life was her concern. because it was important to her, it was important to God. the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the all powerful God answered her cry and came knocking on her door to help her with the concern she was lifting up to Him. her concern was not too hard for Him to handle. there is nothing that is too difficult for God to take care of in our lives. (Jeremiah 32:17) He will use the willing to bring the answer to the cry of our heart. He did for my mom! and so her life and mine were forever changed! even today i am reminded of this truth. as i look into my own life, i know the secret cries of my heart today are not too difficult for Him to take care of. thank you Jesus!

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Kim said...

Praise God.....I went to that church for awhile when I was young, and you are right, there was a great loving presence there that could only be defined as God.
As for the children....o the children....they are so much already close to see those little lights pop on when speaking of Jesus--even those who haven't been told about Him before---o, it is just soooo beautiful!
As for the secret cries of our hearts.....Jesus is dwelling within, there isn't a thing we can keep from Him...and it's so beautiful! Thank you Jesus....the day that door was open so many lives would never be the same....You clothed this family well!