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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

we all love being loved

i wrote this a few months ago before i started blogging and i thought that i would share it here today. i was sitting in my living room just relaxing. my nine year old daughter (amanda) and her friend (macy)were playing upstairs with my baby (jacob). they all come down, amanda carrying jacob. he was starting to get tired. she put him on the floor and he walked over to me, wanting me to pick him up. so, of course, i did. he sat on my lap for about 2 seconds and crawled over to a couple of couch pillows and laid his head up against them. so sweet!! i said, "look amanda." her resonse made me to see how much we all love to be loved and shown it with physical affection. she looked over at him and said, " i wish i were those pillows." and she went over and picked him up. my heart just melted as i experienced a tender sibling moment. but, that did not last long. jacob wanted down and that was that. a few minutes later, i decided it was time for his nap. i took him upstairs and put him in his bed. he usually goes right to sleep in a few minutes. i left the room and went downstairs. he played in his bed for a little bit ( i could hear him in the monitor.) but then he started to cry. so, i went back upstairs to see if he wanted me to hold him for a minute. (i love that) but, no, that is not what he wanted. he kept pointing over to my bed. feeling a little tired myself, i gave in. i laid on the bed, curled him up in my arms and felt the warmth of our bodies being so close. so sweet! i guess that is exactly what he wanted because he quit fussingl. for the first minute or so he attempted to put his finger in every hole in my face, so i closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sweet affection of my baby boy. slowly, i felt him seem to melt into me. i opened my eyes to see his pacifier drop from his mouth. a sure sign that he is out! he looked so sweet and i thought "aww, he just wanted to cuddle with his mommy." i reached over to kiss his sweet mouth and with his eyes still closed, he smiled! he knew he was being loved!

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Daveda said...

I think we were created for this very purpose. To be loved by our heavenly Father and by others. God is love and we are the ones He has chosen to pour that love upon and into. Amen! Great post!