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Monday, April 6, 2009

help me see the Light

a conversation that i had yesterday with some wonderful friends has continued to ring in my thoughts and ponder in my heart. the subject was receiving God's grace for every area of our lives. each person was using their experiences with God and the circumstances of their lives to try to understand where they were lacking in revelation concerning God's provision for them. the main portion of our conversation was founded on our never-ending need of continual revelation of Jesus and recognizing that we are competely dependent on fresh understanding and insight into who He is. it seemed to be enlightening when we realized that areas of stuggle in our lives seemed to be some of the same areas we thought that we had a handle on the truth concerning receiving God's grace there. thinking that we "got it," we understood that area of God's provision, we entered pride. we quit depending on Him to continue to reveal Himself to us and actually were trying to work the revelation we thought we already had into manifestation in our lives. as soon as we started trying to work that truth, the grace given to us by God to provide for us was halted (Galations 5:4) because God gives grace to the humble, those who know they do not know it all, but trust in Jesus to be their access to His provision. (I Peter 5:5)

the revelation of the wisdom and knowledge of God is infinite, an endless treasure that we have been invited to take part in. as God reveals Himself to us, the fruit of faith is produced in our heart which enables us to access all that His Love has provided for us. but, that revelation is never completed, we can never say i fully understand all that God is and has provided for me, even in one area. because to do so is to say you know it all and therefore you are no longer dependent on God to show you more than you already know about Him, you stand before Him independent of more revelation and requesting His provision based on what you think you know. it is at this point in our lives that we get frustrated or mad, usually at God, for not giving grace to the proud, that would be us. or, we get mad at ourselves for failing, proving that we were trying in our own efforts, of which never access God's provision of grace because it is unearned.

coming to the conclusion of our desperate ongoing need of God to reveal Himself in all of His glorious character to us, we found peace in knowing that our relationship with Him will never get dull and the manifestation of His provision for us will only grow as we continue to ask Him to reveal Himself to us more and more. recognizing lack in our lives helps us to recognize areas of darkness, absense of light, in our understanding of truth. this is the first step in being delivered from the lies that the enemy tells us through the seemingly factual experiences in this natural world we live in. recognizing our lack of revelation (darkness) and going to the One who is the Light (Jesus) and asking Him to shine His Truth into the darkness is boldly going to the Throne of God, knowing we belong there because of Jesus, not because of our understanding of truth and finding grace to help us see in the Light. The Light will displace the dark areas in our heart and our understanding will be enlarged concerning the Truth of Jesus (John 1: 4, 5), His extreme love for us, and His desire to shower His favor and blessings on us. we will walk in more and more revelation of Truth and experience more and more manifestation of that Truth in our lives. reveal yourself to me Lord, more and more, deeper and deeper. help me see the Light!


Kim said...

good stuff! definitely a reminder i need at times!

Joykath said...

I think you were right on the mark!!!

Joykath said...

well after reading this( for real) this time. It is a good recap of what we were talking about on Sunday. It's true that we just need to keep seeking Jesus! Now if I can just toss out my pride and trust Him always!!!