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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

so much fun

i never could understand the people that i knew that thought that being a Christian was all about restricting themselves from having any fun and never experiencing all that life had to offer. they actually thought that God wanted to keep them from enjoying themselves and make their lives dull and boring. which just goes to show that they did not know my God. they only thought they knew what God was all about. but, they didn't.

even from the time that i was a young girl, i recognized that the ones that thought this way were misinformed or deceived because i was a Christian and i knew my life was fun and not boring at all. what seemed to be ironic to me was that the same people that thought God wanted to keep them from having fun were some of the most unhappy, miserable people that i knew. rejecting Jesus, therefore rejecting God, allowed them to act in any way they wanted and do the things that the world enticed them to do, making it seem they were having the time of their life. but, when all the partying stopped, all they had left was an empty shell with no purpose beyond the moment they were in and no hope for their life to ever be any different. so, they would try to keep it full of the party experiences so they did not have to live in the reality of being a person who was not happy at all. ordinary, everyday life was miserable to them.

and then there was me and the people that i knew that had accepted the Truth about Jesus and allowed Him to be their purpose in life. we knew what it was like to enjoy ourselves and have fun and laugh and play and experience life to the fullest. we had relationships that lasted and were founded on Jesus. we were happy and full of joy, living in the presence of God, experiencing the fun of what true life had to offer. that was ordinary life and that was where all the pleasures of God made a difference. everyday is a party with Jesus!

i think about my life today and know that the life that i live in Jesus brings more pleasure and fun than the world could ever offer me. My God loves me more than i will ever fully know. He wants me to have fun. He wants me to experience His abundant Life. He wants me to be secure, happy, content, and full of joy. He woos and bekons me into His presence where i am enlighted to His mercy, grace, and loving kindness which produces a joy in me that i can not explain with words. He positioned me "in Christ" at His right hand, where i have His authority over any lie that the enemy throws at me. this is my extraordinary, ordinary life. it is so much fun! this is what God wants for me and you. it is a daily experience that does not ever come to an end. how could anyone think that my God would want to keep this kind of life from any of them?

"Therefore my heart is glad and my inner self rejoices: my body too shall rest and confidently dwell in safety. For You will not abandon me to the place of the dead. Neither will you suffer Your Holy One to see corruption. You will show me the path
of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore."(Psalm 16:9-11)


mom said...

This is a wonderful explanation of life with Jesus!! Isn't He so Good? I love you my lovely do show Jesus!!

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

First of all, thank you Christy Rose for the sweet comment regarding Hannah, my 5 yr. old, asking Jesus into her heart yesterday. Thank you in rejoicing over me with this.

Secondly, how in the world did you get your blogspot wide open to cover the whole entire screen like this? You are the second friend I have that has their blogspot blog open in full screen layout. I love how open this is!!

Third, I totally understand your thought process above. Really I do, however I used to be one of those who felt like I would be giving up all my fun life by submitting my life over to God. Keep in mind I wrote the word 'USED TO BE'. (I don't know if you read my testimony tab on my site....not very thrilling; pretty boring, but...well, I used to feel that following Christ would restrict a lot of things I once enjoyed too.) Praise God I am no longer this way. Praise Jesus He did not come to collect His bride before drawing me to Him.

I am always forever thankfull for the Lord's patience before coming to collect us all to be with Him. He was ever so patient with me and I love Him so much because of His grace and patience. And I'm praying for my mother and a few others who are saved before time is up.

God is good! And I love how exuberent and joyful you are expressing your love in your relationship with Christ. That is awesome!!! That is a very lovely post! Thanks for sharing. :D Oh, and while I'm here, let me add myself to your followers list...or am I already...? If not, you'll see me now...

Gretchen said...

This is lovely and true. And I thank you for your thoughtful encouragement of me today on my post at His Girl's. Blessings to you and yours today.

connie said...

AMEN SISTER! only in Jesus do we truly enjoy life and have it more abundantly!

Exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ever pray, hope, dream, or desire (Eph. 3:20). That is the life our loving Heavenly Father has for us. We experience it when we keep our eyes on Jesus and follow His plan for our lives. I'm living in God's dream :) And it is wonderful!