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Monday, May 4, 2009

write it down

ABC's and 123's. those are the first things that we learned to write when we were in kindergarden. while today, they learn it in preschool. writing is a very important aspect of learning how to comunicate. i remember learning to write with a big black pencil when i was in kindergarden. writing the same letters and numbers over and over again i tried to make them just perfect. i wanted that teacher approval so bad. some kids did not try at all. it seemed to be so difficult for them. but, the task for the day always included writing our letters and numbers until we all learned how to write somewhat properly.

eventually, we all learned to write, some of us better than others, which is a good thing. There is so much that can be accomplished in a person's life when they have good penmanship. it shows a lot about their character and personality. but, what is really good about it is that we can take that skill and use it for communicating ourselves in many different ways. just think what life in this world would be like today if no one ever learned to write in a legible format. there would be so much knowledge, wisdom, beauty and Truth that would never have been given to us to learn from.

we wouldn't have knowledge of our history if someone who lived before us had not written it down for us to know about. there would be unwritten poems and stories in the minds and hearts of people who told them and listened to them. but, that is where they would stay. and, we would never be able to distribute their beauty to as many people. shakespeare could still have had his plays. but, teaching the people their lines would have been much more difficult for them to remember without the words written in front of them. so, i am sure he would not have done as many. all of the books that we read, about being better at whatever we are wanting to be better at, would never have been read becasue they would never have been written.
and most importantly, the Word of God would never have been so easily accessible to us today.

there are so many times when God told His people to write down what He said. in Exodus 34:27, He told Moses to write down what He said. In Deuteronomy 6:9, He told His people to write the Words of His commands that He had spoken to them on their doorposts and gates so they would see what He had said when they come and when they go. all of the prophets were instructed to write down what God had spoken to them so that the people could read what God was saying on a regular basis. and, all of the epistles that are written by Paul and the disciples would never have been sent to instruct the church about God's love for them and the greatness of their salvation.

writing is so important in so many ways. and, i think that we should still heed the voice of God by writing down what He says to us in our own personal lives. there are many great benefits to it as far as understanding Him and ourselves better. i believe that everyone should use the skill that they learned in kindergarden and continued to perfect as they went through school and listen to what God is saying in the events that are going on all around us. i have journaled several different times in my life and still have what i have written in a box in my basement. several of the times when i moved from one house to another, i found that box and read many of the things that i had journaled at those different times in my life. what i read brought back so many memories that i had forgotten and helped me to see how far i have come in my understanding of God and His love for me. it made me to see that i was listening to God and i did hear His voice because of the growth i have experienced. it is kind of like looking at pictures of yourself in an old photo album. you see how young you were at one time. you don't realize that you are growing while it is happening, but if you look at the old pictures, you realize how young you were once and how much you have grown.

writing things down or typing on a keyboard, like most of us do today, is a God idea that can help us to discover things that we miss in the busyness of our everyday life. i am convinced that listening to God and writing down what He is saying and looking for His hand of provision and protection all around us will expand our understanding of Him and our trust in Him.

i want to remember what He says and look back to see my growth in him. so, i will continue to "write it down."


patshappycafe said...

Good advice Christy! I have tried my hand at writing it down on several occasions, but I'm embarrassed when I find it later. . . I like your prospective much better. . . signs of growth! Thank you once again for helping me see the bigger picture!

Laura Brown said...

I've been thinking about putting my journal on a private blog and then having it printed off at the end of the year. Did you know that there are companies that will put your blog in book form?

Jennifer said...

I like you how say that writing things down is a "God idea." Great perspective.

God has given us this gift of taking our thoughts and then articulating them in the written word -- preserved for generations.

Great post, Christy Rose!

christy rose said...

Laura, I did not know that at all about the possiblity of putting my blog in book form. That is an interesting idea. Could you send me some info on what you know?

Jonette said...

Laura, can you send it to me too. Thank you.

Jonette said...

Christy, I myself have been challenged in this area many, many times. Even this week I was remembering someone who keeps a prayer journal. He will right down the prayer or need in his life or someone's life, then go back and write in red by that prayer what God did in that situation or how God worked His ways through the circumstances. I have not done anything consistently in a long time, but am feeling that this may become part of a daily or at least weekly routine for me. It is amazing to go back and see all the ways God works out circumstances in our lives and it's amazing at how quickly we can forget. I'm so grateful for the miracles in my own life. What a great big God we serve. Thanks for this challenge.

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Hey Christy about the award, just let me know if you need any help at all and I'll be available for you.

Sarah Cecilia