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Monday, May 18, 2009

he will rise up and call me blessed

For some reason, my fifteen year old son seems to think that i can still help him with his algegra homework. i do remember some things about algebra and i have been able to help him in the past. but, his skill level is just about to pass mine up when it comes to math. i love the fact that he comes to me and asks me to help him with anything at all. so, i do not want to discourage him from asking me for help. he seems to think he knows so much these days and that i know so little. i remember feeling the same way when i was his age. it feels good when he recognizes that i might still know something that he doesn't.

pride is that disease that we all seem to get at one point or another in our life. children seem to start showing the symptoms right as they hit the teenage years of their life. doubting what you say is true, rolling their eyes as you speak, talking back when you ask them to do something, acting like you don't know what you're doing when you're driving down the road, of course they have not ever driven yet themselves: these are all symptoms that begin to show up in the life of the one who is coming down with the disease. i have seen all of these signs in his life at one point or another. so when he does think i might have a few things i might know that he doesn't, i want to savor every minute of his humble heart toward me.

i remember thinking that i knew so much more than my parents when i was a teenager too. i remember arguing with my mom, thinking that she just did not know what she was talking about and was so wrong. but, today i realize how smart that she has always been. seeing that in my life along with the promise from God in Proverbs 31:28, "my children will rise up and call me blessed," gives me hope for an enjoyable, long-lasting relationship with my son. i guess that is where faith comes into play.

i have to honestly admit that i have had times when i thought that he was not going to ever look to me again for any kind of wisdom or understanding for his life. and, i felt as if he thought that i was always wrong and did not know what i was talking about. in those times i had to take my heart to God and say, "Help me Lord! What do you say about Josiah? What is the Truth? What is your promise concerning my children?" and He would remind me, "He is mine! I have him in the palm of my hand. He is righteous before me. His heart is soft and tender toward me. He is a blessing to his family and brings peace to his home. He will rise up and call you blessed." my heart begins to settle as i listen and believe what He says is truth! I begin to once again, by faith, see the vision of His promise coming to pass in my heart and it brings me life!(Habakkuk 2:3,4)


~*Michelle*~ said...

What a beautiful reflection......and trust me. God does have His hand on your life and family....and trusting in His word is trusting in His promise. A promise of truth, hope and love that will surpass all phases of teenage years, LOL.


Faye said...

What a beautiful post!Such a blessing.Please keep me in your prayers.I go back to the doctor tomorrow.There is just something about the C word that is scary.I know what ever happens God will be with me every step of the way!Have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Andrea said...

Children take us to places of wonder, amazement, and even fear. Thank you for sharing from the heart. I am amazed at how as our children grow husband and I seem to become wiser again...andrea

He And Me + 3 said...

That was wonderful. I just want to say thank you for your sweet comments on my blog and for following along. YOu are precious and so is your family. Beautiful. I am too following along on your blog. You have wonderful insight. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Isn't if a comfort to know that the Lord is watching over our children so tenderly?

If you go on my own blog (momstheword not the Five Moms) and look under the label "teenage" you'll see a guest post written by my 20 year old son. In it he mentions a few things he did and thought back then and now admits that mom and dad were right! Lol!

Yes, pedicures are awesome!

~ Nan

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm in a constant state of prayer over the lives of my children; especially as the merge into young adulthood. I have one who just finished his 2nd year in college, another graduating from high school this week, and 2 others (1st & 2nd grades). I understand about the pull that exists between dependency and the independent streak that invariably arrives long about 16, sometimes sooner. We're late bloomers over here...

The "letting go" has been the hardest part of my parenting; still and yet, one of the most important. Hang in there mom; these are growing pains for both of you. In the end, you both will be better for the season.


Shanda said...

I loved the Scriptures that you shared from Habakkuk! I hope I will be able to help with my children's math skills as long as you have! ;) They may have to seek wisdom from me in other areas!

Thank you.

Kim said...

Thank you for just helped me so much. Sometimes when I think I have handed something over, something comes up to let me know that I really haven't....this was that I think I can....this reminded me that His mercy is new every morning(or whatever time of day I need it)and when I abide in Him, He not only restores me but those I love!

Anonymous said...

My son is three and I already fear the teenage years :o) I remember realizing that my mother could not help me with my homework any more and that was a hard pill for me to swallow... I had to learn to respect my mother, regardless of how much she knew about math ;) this was a sweet post!

Julie said...

I loved this post and your heart on display here. I love that we both have teenage sons names Josiah. Mine is 16, turning 17 this August. I remember when we were battling through something. My mom said to me, "What did you expect? He's going to tear down the high places. He has to have a strong will."

I love it when Papa God shows me characteristics of my children in the midst of conversations with them... It's SO lifegiving....

Thanks again for sharing your heart here!


Daveda said...

There is such peace in knowing that they really are His! So much more than ours! Great post Christy!

Please stop by my blog, I have an idea and want to know what you think.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

That was a great post. I have begun to struggle with some of that teenage behavior in my 7 year old...yes, I said 7. I am trying to nip in the bud and keep God at the forefront of his mind. I keep telling him that my job is to teach him to obey so that one day, he can obey God.

Thanks again for the reminders and the scriptures!

Thanks for visiting the mom blog and leaving us a comment today. We really appreciate you!


Billy Coffey said...

This was so good, Christy Rose. So good.

And coming from a current son and former teenager, I can say that once upon a time I didn't think my mother knew much.

I know different now.

judy said...