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Friday, May 22, 2009

a lawyer, a realtor, and the president of the bank

as my husband and i sat on our front porch at lunch and discussed the activities of our day, we watched our baby play. it was so delightful to see him enjoying the beautiful weather on such a lovely day. there was a lot that was going to happen in this day so we turned our thoughts back to what we both had to accomplish. our oldest son had a baseball game right after school and he was pitching. so, i wanted to make sure that i was able to go to that. usually aaron makes sure he gets off work early enough to make it to Josiah's games too. but today, the game was too far away for him to be able to get there and make it to an after-work business-client evening at the local minor league baseball game that he needed to attend. an air-conditioned suite with all you can eat food and drinks and a great view of the ballpark sounded more like fun than business to me, which was kind of the point of the meeting.

he had told me about this meeting a few days prior and asked me if i wanted to go because the other men who were going to be there were bringing their wives. i thought, "sure, i'd love to. i love baseball and i love being with my husband and i would like to be with him in an environment where he is around people that he does business with on a regular basis. i would like to meet them and see what they are like. i'd love to go be by your side." so, i told him i would like to go. he seemed pleased at the time and told his boss, who was paying for the evening, that we would both be able to come.

but, yesterday, as we were discussing how we were going to be able to make both of these things happen in the same day, he looked at me and said, "i don't think you are going to be able to go to Josiah's game and still make it to my meeting."

"why not?"

"because we need to dress somewhat nice."

"what does that have to do with anything?"

"well, if you go to Josiah's game and it is windy?"

i smiled. i understood where he was going. he did not want me showing up at his meeting like i just got out of a dirty windstorm when everyone else was going to be looking like they just came from a business day. he wanted me to look nice too.

but, i did not want to miss josiah's game. it was the last game of the year that he was going to be pitching and i wanted to be there. i know he really likes it when we are there. i knew that i could make both things happen and i was determined to do so.

after lunch, he left to go back to work. i told him i would see how the rest of my day goes and i would decide if i would try to make it to josiah's game or not. he was hoping that i would just not go. i had a lot of things to do to be able to make everything work out for this day. i determined i could do it.

i got myself ready to go as if i was just going to aaron's business meeting, making myself look appropriate and hoping that he would be pleased. i thought of the Scripture in Proverbs 12:4, "A virtuous and worthy wife is a crowning joy to her husband, but she who makes him ashamed is rottenness to his bones." i did not want to be rottenness, i wanted to be a crowning joy. so, i packed up everything that i used to get myself ready to go in my purse, just in case there was a dirty windstorm at josiah's game, and headed to the town his game was being played at. i got there and watched josiah pitch great. they won 11-6. then, i went to my van to check myself out to see what i looked like. how much damage had the dirty wind caused me?

well, a little. so, i pulled the bathroom sink out of my purse and did a little magic. then, i headed over to baseball game number two. i met aaron at the front gate. i had made it and i hope that he was pleased with how i looked and was proud to have me by his side.

we headed up to the suite and i met his business friends, a lawyer, a top realtor, the president of the bank and their wives, of course. we ate. we talked. we watched some of the game. i listened to people talk about their lives, their children, and the events going on in their businesses. it was very enjoyable.

at one point, while aaron was talking to some of the men, i was sitting in the box seats and actually watching the game. but, my mind was on the events of the day and the evening going on. i sat there and thought how wonderful that my life was and how much that God has blessed our lives. what was going on right then was Proverbs 31:23, "Her husband is known in the city's gates, when he sits among the elders of the land." God was moving in our lives to set us in the proper places to be that shining light in the darkness and He was promoting us, using my husband to anchor a spot for Jesus in the businesses of this small part of our world. the lawyer, the realtor, and the president of the bank may not know it but God is moving in and amongst them on a weekly basis through His appointed child.


judy said...


He And Me + 3 said...

What an awesome post. I am so glad that you were able to squeeze it all in. That is awesome that God can use us anywhere. What a witness your husband is to those he works with. Beautiful.

RCUBEs said...

Amen!!!There is nothing impossible with the Lord so I had a hunch that you would make it to both events. It's awesome how in everything that we do, we end up reflecting on how the Lord works in us, and be His tool in sharing His light wherever we go.
God bless sister Christy. Have a great weekend!

sale said...

What I love about this story is that you not only set your priorities right, you allowed then God to help you get it all done. Your attitude shines beautifully throughout the day and you are, indeed, blessed because of right choices and God's grace. You are not only a shining light in the dark business world where it is so needed, but online as we read about your life!

Saleslady371 said...

Christy Rose:
The above comment is from me. I'm having a heck of time leaving a comment and could't get my name in the box!

Beth in NC said...

That was a precious post.

Julie said...

A beautiful post, Christy! I loved it.

Heart2Heart said...


Just reading your post I was wondering how you were going to fit it all in. I am so glad that you made time for both men in your life and the scripture reference is one I need to commit to memory.

Have a blessed and relaxing weekend! Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me with your wonderful as always comments when I need them the most.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

momstheword said...

What a lovely thought. So true. We never know what affect we are having on others out there in the world. We can only pray that it is to God's glory.

Just by honoring your husband's wishes the Lord was able to use you for His glory!

My hubby doesn't "business" socialize/entertain as such like yours, because he's a pastor, but he does meet with other pastors in the community.

He also has things that he does that throws him in with other people in the community, believers and non-believers, and that is the time that we pray that others will see Jesus too.

momstheword said...

Totally forgot that I wanted to tell you that your blog title sounded like a joke. I was totally waiting for something like "A lawyer, a realtor and the president of the bank walked into a restaurant (or a bar, or heaven)and....."

Shanda said...

Glad you were able to to both!! I bet God held off the wind just so you could be a blessing to your husband! I love that passage in Proverbs and do my best to be a crowning jewel to my own husband. When we are, it is freeing to our husbands to be all that God meant for him to be in his roles at the "city gates."

christy rose said...

Nan, that is so funny that you thought my title was going to be a joke. It does sound like the start of a joke. Maybe I will make part 2 sometime and set it up that way. :)

Thanks for stopping over to visit me.


annb said...

Hi Christy Rose,
I am making my blog private and don't have your email address to invite you as a reader. Please email me, with your email address and I will give you access.

Joan said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so glad you did. Great post.
I'm going to be back for sure.


amanda said...

i love your post! thanks for stopping by MY blog as well!! our kids are four, almost three, 20 months and 7 months old. we miscarried a baby this week as well. it was a tough week, but all in god's plan. and all in his timing we'll be having a baby again. :0) i also want to say i LOVE that you do not capitalize anything. i hardly do as well, and you're the first person i've seen do the same thing!! :0)

Beth E. said...

What an awesome post! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I love being able to meet new people and make new friends via blogland. You have a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l family!

Please come back to visit me, anytime! :o)

Andrea said...

Beautiful post...blessings and prayers, andrea

Joy in The Truth said...

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.
Psalm 16:6
I appreciate your heart shared here in this post. Beautiful.

Shanda said...

I have passed on a blog award to you - feel free to stop by and pick it up!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!