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Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day

today was mother's day. i am sure that many mother's were treated to many wonderful things. i know i was. toast and coffee in bed with many sweet notes from my wonderful children, a homemade picture frame from my youngest daughter, and an amazing comment on one of my recent posts on my blog from my sweet husband was just the start of my wonderful mother's day. a great message from my pastor about seeing and believing that i am highly favored by God with all the capabilities of living my life in the fullness of His power manifesting in me as i raise my children because i am who He says i am, added to the blessings of my day. lunch with my wonderful family and visiting my mother-in-law to bless her just topped it off. it was a wonderful day for me. yet, i am sure that many moms were disappointed today because of the unmet expectations they had yearning in their hearts for approval and acknowledgement from their children or spouse. this used to be the case with me on many occasions.

sometimes, special days, such as mother's day or birthdays bring a hint of sadness and disappointment in the hearts of the one's expecting to be honored because the day that they had dreamed up in their mind was not lived up to in the experience of their day. expectations can destroy us. they can keep us from enjoying the daily moments and blessings of our life and cause us to dwell only on our lack seen in our crushed, conjured up dreams. of all the times that i can think of where i have had preconceived ideas or expectations of an event coming up in my life, i can't seem to remember one time where i did not end that day without some kind of sad disappointment in my heart wondering why such and such did not say something to me or buy me a gift. then, ususally, i would see or hear of others receiving the kind of day that i was expecting or hoping for and that would make it worse. but, it was actually in those frustrating times of thinking that i deserved more than what was given to me that God showed me that i was looking for validation and praise from someone besides Him, thinking that i should be doted upon for something that He did in and through me anyways.

after several disappointing times in my life, because no matter what anyone would have done for me it could not have met my expectations, i began to turn to Him for my validation as a wife, mom, and child of God. He tells me that i am a virtuous woman, i am more valuable to Him than rubies, He sings over me with joy, and He thinks about me and desires to bless me all day, everyday. when i allowed His opinion to matter the most, i could then appreciate every other word of honor and blessing that came from others too without thinking, "that was nice. it is about time they acknowledged that in me and showed me some appreciaion for it." because they weren't the substance to my worth anymore, they are just confirming what my Father had already planted deep in my heart, i could actually enjoy any affirmation of thankfulness in whatever measure it was given.

so, now i can enjoy every birthday and mother's day because i am not expecting those days to show me my worth. i am not thinking that someone should make me feel really loved, special and appreciated in any certain way on those days. i already know the truth, i am loved, special and appreciated by the One that matters most. that brings me such deep satisfaction even if no one else but God and i recognize that. so, when others recognize and confirm what i already know is true because of the pursuing love of God, it is just an added bonus of another blessing from Him. if no one else notices all i do in loving and caring for my children, He does, because He is the one Who guides and empowers me to do what i do in the first place. (Isaiah 40:11)


Laura Brown said...

This is so true, Christy. I found myself swimming in tears Sunday morning. I was just standing there singing songs to my Lord when bam! - he gave me a glimpse at how blessed I've been as a mother and wife. I'm still tearing up over it. God is just sooooo good. I'm so blessed to have my wonderful children and husband!

Thanks for your wonderful inspiration.

Beth in NC said...

What a precious and wonderful post! Thank you for following me! I look forward to knowing you better!

Many blessings!

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Christy,

This was so beautiful and it touched me deeply on a personal level. In my earlier years of marriage, the first five I would say, I felt just like that. It was not a good place to be in the mind and the heart. I would cry and feel so bad...then things turned around as my faith deepened even more just as you have described here today, and when that happened everything else happened to change as well. Life is a beautiful gift from God and what matters is that He created each and every one of us and loves us all equally as much.

Thank you for this post today. It touched me deeply.

Love you,

Anonymous said...


Thank you for committing to my blog. I am honored to do the same for you.

It was very compassionate to write a mothers day post that was not all about your own day, but an acknowledgement that not every mother is loved or honored. And not every child can hope to fulfill their mothers needs if the mother is not validated already.

Your own honesty and transparency was a loving act.

I look forward to reading more...and congratulations on the award!

Kim said...


RCUBEs said...

Hello. Just want to thank you for visiting my site and leaving an encouraging comment. So, I came over to know more about you. It's always a thrill to meet sisters in Christ!
I find that hard sometimes, too, that with the blessings that God gives us, I can't fully enjoy sometimes without thinking about those who are deprived, not only of material things but much more with spiritual things.
May the Lord continue to inspire us all to blog for His glory! We are the salt here in the blogosphere :) God bless and you betcha', I'm coming back here :)

Sarah Dawn said...

Delighted to meet you and your beautiful family. I just stumbled upon your blog, but I'll be back. Thanks for sharing your life, your passion, and HIs truth with the nations,

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am so thankful that I discovered your blog. I have enjoyed the last few minutes reading it and looking at pictures of your beautiful family. I love the smiles on the faces and the fact that you are in the midst of family life, and I am in the newly found midst of an empty nest. Looking forward to more visits on your blog.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

This was just beautiful! I too had to learn to let people off the hook and to turn to God for all of my validation--and it was hard but it is so much more fulfilling!! Beautifully written and so important for us all!

I look forward to getting to know you!