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Friday, May 8, 2009


I am so honored to be nominated with an award from one of my newest blogging friends, Sarah from "God's Not Finished with Us Yet" Her blog is wonderful! She really uses it to minister the love of Jesus to everyone who visits her. Please stop by and check it out, say hello and leave her a comment. She will bless you!

To be perfectly honest, I did not even know that this kind of thing, that is so encouraging, was done in the blogging world. I just created my blog about a month ago and I am clueless to many of these things. This award really does mean alot to me though because it shows that there are people out there who really are reading what I am posting in my blog and God is touching them in some way.

I started my blog because I was inspired by a blog that a friend of mine was writing. I was so touched and inspired by it that I thought that maybe God might be leading me to blog as well. So, i began this new adventure in my life and I haven't looked back. I am really enjoying taking my heart to Jesus in writing and letting Him speak to me. Hopefully what I am finding out is blessing others too. The only way to really know that is for the readers to comment and share on the posts that minister to them in some way. or someone sweet, like Sarah, sends me an award.

Now its my turn to bless someone else with this award. I get to choose 5 friends who have been very encouraging to me and have gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed into the blogging community. And, everytime, i visit them they continue to bless my heart with their own writings as well. Please visit them and encourage them today. Say hello and where you are visiting from or leave them a comment about one of their posts. I am sure they would love a new friend too, if you would choose to follow their blog. I have chosen these five friends to bless:

1. Stephanie from "Little Mommy of Two"---She is my original ispiration.
2. Jennifer from "Getting Down with Jesus"---Her writing is breath taking.
3. Kim from "My Words are not My Own"---The most encouraging person I know.
4. DeeDee from "DeeDee's"---She makes me feel warm inside when I read her posts.
5. Daveda from "Grace Talk with Daveda"---My friend whose potential is beyond me.

Now, to those of you who have received this award, if you decide to accept this award, it's your turn. You get to choose 5 blogging friends that mean something to you to pass the "Golden Heart Award" along to. Post it in your blog. Make sure you put the picture of the award in it. Then, send them a note and let them know you nominated them. Ask your readers to check out their sites and leave them a comment or follow them if they choose to. If you have any questions let me know. I might be able to help. Or I know someone who probably can. Congratulations! I think you are all wonderful!

Here are the links to all of their sites. Please visit them!
God's Not Finished With Us Yet

Stephanie---Little Mommy of Two
Jennifer---Getting Down with Jesus
Kim---My Words are not My Own
Daveda---Grace Talk with Daveda


Jennifer said...

Christy Rose, I am touched and humbled by your award. Glad to see that Sarah passed this award along to you. You have a beautiful way of sharing your heart here. So glad to get to know you here, new friend.

Kim said...

Thank you so very much! What a feeling to know that His light is shining! I love your input and love even more your blog! You are truly a great inspiration and such an accomplished teacher! Thank you for not only being a living example to Him, but also for sharing your revelations that I may get closer too!

Anonymous said...

Christy, I am very touched! Thank you so much!! I have had a lot of shifting taking place in my spirit lately and reading your words brought tears to my eyes....Thank you for the award and thank you for believing in me! God spoke to my heart through your encouraging words today!

However, I dont know how to put the picture of the heart on my blog LOL...I havent taken the time to figure any of that out, dont even know where to begin...can you help?

stephanie said...

why thank you! :) you truly have a golden heart!