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Sunday, August 2, 2009

family time

summer is coming quickly to a halt. there is only a couple of weeks left before the hustle and bustle of school begins. we are trying to make every minute count as a family. this week we tried to enjoy a few of the local activities that are available around here.

last wednesday, we went to the local water park for the evening. it was reserved from 7-9pm by a local church and open to all who attended their vbs, along with their families. it was not crowded at all, but a little on the cool side. the kids all seemed to enjoy themselves though.

"OOOOHH! That is cold!"


"What's this? This belongs on my tractor!"

Jacob loved the water spraying up from the ground!


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lounging in the deep end


the water seesaw


Where is Amanda?


Can you guess who is standing underneath 10,000 gallons of water?


Then Jacob got a little cold. His lips were getting a little blue and it was time to go home.

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But, of course, we had to stop for ice cream on the way home!

then, friday night we went to the outdoor movie theater. it was a really cool place for families. they show only family oriented movies, rated G, PG, or PG-13. we took our lawn chairs and blankets and watched the movie projected onto a big drive-in type screen. they also had a playground which jacob especially enjoyed. it was really a lot of fun!

Fun at the playground!



Waiting for the movie to start
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"No! You can't have my popcorn!"

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"OK! I'll share!"


"MMMM! MMMM! This popcorn is good!"


"Oh NO!! I think it is all gone!"


"Yep! It's gone!"

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"SHHH! The movie is starting!"

isn't family time wonderful? memories to last a lifetime!


The Real Me! said...

OH such fun memories!! I love family time!! But we would be getting ate up by mosquitos down here! LOL

Angela said...

Yes, family time is wonderful.....I also pray for those that DO NOT have happy times, where a lot of dysfunction, hurts, addictions are destroying their family....

We spent last night at Canal Days at another town 15 minutes away from us. We had an AWESOME time of fellowship with our neighbors, and our daughter. The boys were off spending time with their friends.

Joan said...

Family times are wonderful bonding experiences. I'm hoping to have a few more before summer is over.


Anonymous said...

we have a park just like this..isn't it fun!!

Andrea said...

What happened to our summer. It has flown by!
Beautiful pictures!

Adeye said...

What absolutely stunning pics of your precious moments together as a family. Yes, summer has passed way too quickly.
Thank you for sharing your sweet memories, and your gorgeous family, friend.

McCrakensx4 said...

Sounds absolutely devine...all that family time! We have an aquatic center close to us something like that and my boys love it!! And what a fun movie night! 2 times a year they have movies at the baseball staduim in our city and show family friendly movies...those are the best nights! Looks and sounds like so much fun! What movie did you see? and love love love those blue eyes...gonna be a heartbreaker when he gets older!

rcubes said...

Your family is beautiful! And what a fun time together but the star of it all is your little "Jacob". Sooo cute...
This week is my son's registration too. Freshman now. Wow, your Jacob makes me remember when my own son was that age and it made me smile.
Have a great week sister Christy! God bless you and your family! Love you in Christ!

Daveda said...

Looks like fun..oh, wait, I was there for some of that, it was fun! It was great seeing you and having the opportunity to chat! Love ya!

Grammy and Olivia said...

Great pics. Love the little blue lips :o) I don't know where the outdoor movie place is. Sounds like something Tom and Jen might like to do with their little Olivia. They have not been brave enough to venture to a real theater with her, but this would be perfect.

Kerri said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you had fun. Summer fun is the best!

Tara said...

Sweet, sweet pictures! Love the picture of Jacob with the popcorn container on his head. Andrew does that with the trashcan:-)

Mich said...

Great family fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I am in awe in how you keep up with your big family...from a toddler to teenagers. i can barely keep up with my 10 and 12 year old!!!


Warren Baldwin said...

We have one left at home, a junior in high school, so the summer is going waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Hi Christy,

This is another beautiful picture post of your family and summer. Thankful you are living well by loving those God has gifted you with.

Hugs and love,


Heart2Heart said...

OH Christy!

Before we know it summer is already over and another school year lies ahead of us! Not looking forward to that. OK but kinda sort of!

I love that new experiences and challenges lie ahead but I long for spending these last few weeks creating memories that will last a lifetime with our kids.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Patty Reiser said...

Desert Greetings Christy!
Stopping by from SITS. You have a wonderful family. Looks like everyone had a great time at the local water park. May your days always be blessed ones!

Scent-sationally yours

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Sweet Sister,

Yes, the summer is flying by way to fast.

Your family is beautiful! Your pictures are memmories you will cherish forever. I love to see a family embrace life as you do living it through Him.

Love you,

Debbie said...

Great photos. Our school started today so enjoy while you can!

Jennifer W. said...

I know what you mean...but with Paul being injured, we haven't gotten to do much out of the house lately. But we have definately been together! Our school starts THIS WEEK, and my Jacob is going to Kindergarten. :( Enjoy it while you can!

Kiesha said...

Love, Love, Love Jacobs hair. It's the color of my sisters when she was his age and I love his curls.

Great family pictures and memories to cherish forever.

Thanks for sharing. When I don't think I can handle the two I have I come here for inspiration.
Have a great week!

Kristin said...

I didn't even realize those kind of movie theaters existed anymore. That's so neat! It's so hot around here that we'd all melt if we tried to do that. You're making me hungry for popcorn.......yummy! I can't believe Summer has went by so fast!

He & Me + 3 said...

How fun! Love all those pictures...the popcorn hat is so cute! FAmily time is the best! Enjoy the rest of your summer with your sweet family:)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Two of mine (grade schoolers) start this coming Monday. The other two (college kids) head back next weekend. Talk to me in two week's time. I might be able to breathe again...



Annette said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! You have such a beautiful family and I LOVE your blog!!!

Blessings to you!

Nana said...

I'm Nana Chili Peppers daughter. Mom told me you would like an invite to view my blog. If you can send me your e-mail adress to I'll send you the link!
Have a great day!

chili pepper said...

I bet I've said this before but your little Jacob reminds me so much of my Aedan at that age...the blonde curls and big eyes.

I, too, hate to see Summer come to an end and always try to squeeze in every last minutes. I think you all are doing a good job!

I think Brianna is going to contact you. she needs an email to send you a link. If you don't hear from her you can just email it to me.

Good evening!


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Amen sister!

You're finding all sorts of ways to find the life and love in each summer day. Blessings to you!

Mocha Momma said...

What fun. I especially like the idea of the outdoor family oriented movie.

The water park looked like lot's of fun. Did you get in and jump off things and slide down slides?

I'll probably never do all that again. I would probably do that slide again if I can still carry that inner tube though.

more later,

Carin said...

Oh so much fun! Family time is so wonderful and important and you look like you have family time figured out. How can summer be nearing an end. I love the picture of the popcorn bucket over his head, precious! Great pictures and lots of fun!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Jacob is adorable! My twin sis' two year old is named Jacob. He used to have blond curls like your Jacob. Her husband shaved them off and they didn't grow back the same. Sniff, sniff.

Crown of Beauty said...

Love the pics you post.

Your little Jacob is simply adorable. I don't know how you do it... providing ample family time for children of ages 16 down to toddler age.

So much fun!

I love popcorn too!

Thanks for sharing.

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

You have a very beautiful family. You are all so lucky to have eachother.

Tania (via SITS)

Carrie said...

Christy, those are absolutely adorable! I can't get enough of those little blonde curls! Those are great summer memories, and I just love your family! You all look so happy and having a great time! and outdoor movie would be perfect in this cool weather! Enjoy the last few know I'm trying to and trying not to be too sad that the kids are growing up too fast!

Loren said...


Yes the summer has gone wayyyyy tooooo fast! I am so looking forward to being home and will savor the last few days that I will have with the kids!
Your family is precious and I LOVE seeing all of these pic you share with us! Your Jacob is adorable and I can just feel the joy that he brings to your family!!! I wanted a house full of kids but it wasn't the Lords will and HE certainly knows best!!! :)
love to you

Anonymous said...

Hello Christy Rose,

Your little Jacob is precious. I do so miss having a baby around to make me laugh!

The outdoor move sounds like something I would love to do.


P.S. To answer you question…I have 14 siblings. :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Oh, my your little boy looks so much like mine! I just love those blonde curls don't you?

Anonymous said...

You have such a precious family Christy!!!