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Sunday, August 16, 2009

the only water that can quench my thirst

i have had this dream several times where i would go to get a drink from a water fountain and i would drink and drink and drink. it seemed like i just could not get enough water to quench my thirst. before i went to get a drink, i do not remember thinking that i was that thirsty. the water fountain was just there and so i just accepted the opportunity and took a drink. but, once i started to drink, it seemed like the more i drank, the thirstier that i got. every time that i have had that dream, i would wake up and my mouth would be as dry as it could be, like i had been breathing with my mouth wide open and had not closed it to appropriate the moisture available inside of it. my logical thinking makes me to think that the reason that i was dreaming this was because my mouth was physically telling me that it was dry and i was attempting to take care of that need within me in my dream. the reason that my thirst never really got quenched was because, in reality, that water in my dream was not actually moisturizing my mouth at all.

as i ponder, think about it, and ask the Lord if there is any spiritual significance to my dream, i feel the Lord has shown me that though the physical thirst of my mouth probably did preempt my dream, God has a lesson for me to learn within it. all of us have an intense dryness within us that thirsts to be quenched by the Spirit of God. we may not realize that is what that longing and thirsting is. we may not realize that we are thirsty, but we are. John 4:14 says, "whoever takes a drink of the water that I will give him shall never, no never, be thirsty any more. but the water that I will give him shall become a spring of water welling up continually within him unto eternal life." we have, deep within us, a well of Living Water, that never runs dry and never ceases to quench our thirst if we drink from it. it is the presence of the Living God and the pleasures of knowing His love that satisfies our deepest needs and makes us feel spiritually saturated with goodness. but, if we attempt to quench our thirst with any outside source, other than the Living Water within our own spirit, we can drink and drink and drink and never be satisfied. the more we drink of outside, imitation water, the thirstier we will actually get. the moisture necessary to quench our thirst lies deep within us just like the moisture that my mouth needed would have been found if i would have closed it and allowed my salivary glands within me to do their job. attempting to moisturize our thirsty hearts with this physical world is like me trying to moisturize my mouth with water from the fountain in my dream. it is impossible! the Living Water within me is the only water that can quench my thirst.


Anonymous said...

Hello Christy Rose,
I'll have to come back to read this post.
Just a quick note here to let you know that I have an award for you.

Loyal Friend and Visitor Award

Crown of Beauty said...

this is such a good post CHristy. And a good reminder, too.

We all are thirsty, just not aware of it...

Only the water of life from the river of life will truly quench our spiritual thirst.

Thanks for sharing this!


Sarah Dawn said...

Praise God for His living water!

Oh sweet one, how I rejoice when my internet will actually let me see your posts. (and extra special to be able to post a comment).

You always bless me with your words and splash me in God's goodness.

When I get to the US, oh boy, I have a lot of good reading to catch up on.

Splashing in His water,
Sarah Dawn

LisaShaw said...

The Living Water -- aww refreshing!

Thank You Jesus!

Thanks for sharing dear sister.

Kristin said...

You are absolutely right! I hope you had a great weekend. I still need to post about the award you gave me :)

Beth in NC said...

Amen my friend! Praise God for His Living Water.

Mich said...

Beautiful reminder, my friend.

rcubes said...

That was my devotion today, from John 4 when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well..

Jesus replied,"If you only knew the gift God has for you and who I am, you would ask me, and I would give you living water."-Jn.4:10.

How awesome it is to drink from the "fountain of life". Our thirsts are quenched forever! Glory to God!

Great post! God bless. Love you in Christ.

Shanda said...

I love how you took the time to seek His face about the meaning of your dream.

His fountain is right there, available to all; and yet it seems more and more people just walk by alternate beverage in hand too busy to find real satisfaction.

Karen said...

Amen for the Living Water...I drank from that imitation stuff way too long....

Loren said...

Yes Only the LIVING Water satisfies, fulfills forever!

Thankyou Jesus and thankyou Christy for sharing this! I hope when we are in Heaven these dreams and their meanings will all be revealed don't you?? LOL

He & Me + 3 said...

This post was awesome! Thanking Him for that living water that quenches my thirsty soul.

Heart2Heart said...


Isn't that so amazing how God just works to answer your question about just what that dream meant to you.

I love the answer you got from Him and it makes perfect sense, in everything we crave that we think will satisfy, but the truth is nothing but God will ever satisfy any need or want we could have.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Saleslady371 said...

I read John 4 this morning and also have been thinking about the living water Jesus offered the Samaritan Woman and praying for people that they would accept His wonderful gift of salvation. You can imagine how excited I am to read your post today. I love it when that happens.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Amen, Sister!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Christy Rose, you are so right and when we don't get that water every day, we spiritually wilt.

Pilar said...

So great, thanks so much for sharing. Many blessing to you this day!

Jennifer W. said...

I love your analogies! How right you are. I do think God speaks to us in dreams sometimes-He did it in the Bible, why would He not do it now? And I am thankful that I can go to His fountain and drink, as much and as often as I need to be refreshed!

Andrea said...

AMEN...only GOD can quench that thirst...!
Great post! Blessing, andrea

PS: Prayer request at arise 2 write

Nana said...

Hello Miss Rose,
Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment! I stopped by Rachel's blog and left her a comment today.
Have a great week! Nana

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Amazing Post!

I just love the talent that you and a couple of other gals that spiritually blog have. It is soo refreshing to read your perspective on scriptures and I dont think of them in the same way once I have read them.

After reading this, I NEVER want my thirst to be quenched.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

I just remembered a song that I haven't thought of in AGES that I believe was sung by the trio HOlmes, Shepherd, Johnson.... and it was called "Give Me This Water". Beautiful song about the Living water and never thirsting again.



Sneaky Momma said...

Such a great post. I wonder if next time you have this dream if your thirst will be gone, since you've found some significance behind it. :)
I love the pencil drawing of Jesus and the boys in your sidebar. Where did you find it? Did you draw it yourself? It is awesome!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Beautiful post.
Isn't it amazing how satisfying our faith in Christ can be.
I often find myself thirsty and He gently reminds me that it is I that chose not to drink.. He is always there with the water :-)

Love this post!

Adeye said...

Ooohhh---the Living Water! What a stunning post, dear friend. The ONLY water that can satisfy a dry and thirsty soul. How I long to have it poured out on me every minute of the day, so that I may NEVER be dry. It is the longing of my heart.
Thank you for being such a treasure in the Kingdom of God--you truly are a priceless gift.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are dreaming of the water Jesus has to offer, where we will never thirst again! I love the John 4 story.

Erin said...

This was absolutely excellent

Mocha Momma said...

Very cool and touching post. Thanks again for sharing.

Oh, and congrats on the True Heart Award. You have earned it with your truthful sharing.

God bless you and yours,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I can tell our hearts are in a similar posture of thirst! It never ceases to amaze me how God drives home a point to me in all manner of detours during my day. Reading your post here is further confirmation. Thanks, Christy, for pointing me here.