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Monday, August 24, 2009

growing up monday

today, i am joining joanne @ blessed... with a "growing up monday" post. she has a great idea of bringing the message that God is speaking to all of us together, uniting our hearts, and growing up together. Please be sure to stop by and read her post and link up with the others who are joining in to unite us all while we grow up together.

she writes, "wouldn't it be fun to be able to check in with other sisters around the world and see what we are learning in each of our churches on sunday mornings or in our weekly Bible studies? we are the body of Christ. we gather on Sundays in our church homes to learn and grow from His word. each week there is something our pastor shares or teaches from the Bible that speaks (sometimes shouts) right to my heart."

i think this is a great idea. we can reflect on what God is revealing to us, write it up in a post and share it with each other. maybe it will help us get the bigger picture of what God is desiring to say to His body. we can grow up together as one body. we are to grow up in the knowledge and understanding of Christ. we can do that together.

my pastor has been teaching a series on Joshua. his whole concept is to show that Jesus is revealed in every aspect of the Word of God with his slogan being, "show me Jesus in ....." so, he is teaching "where is Jesus in Joshua." he just started this series a few weeks ago and it has been great.

yesterday, he was teaching from joshua chapter 3. he taught about the children of israel crossing the jordan river. in the last couple of weeks, he taught us about types and shadows and how joshua was a type of Jesus. the law is represented by moses and faith is represented by joshua. even though God provided for the israelites in the wilderness at every turn, they could not believe that He could take them into the land of promise. what they saw in the natural was too impossible for them to see God accomplish for them. for that reason, moses nor anyone in his generation was allowed to enter into the promised land. but, joshua believed that God could and would do what He had promised and therefore he led the next generation into the promised land.

the biggest revelation that i received was that the law was able to take the children of israel up to the promised land but it took faith to actually step into it. the law can make us see what righteousness is supposed to look like and all of the blessings that follow it, but it can not cause us to partake of it. we must receive the promise by faith. like joshua did!

one of the things that looked impossible to the israelites was the jordan river. even though God had made it possible for them to cross the red sea forty years ago. they could not believe that he would do the same thing for them with the jordan river. but He did. the ark of the covenant, containing the presence of God, led the way. and, as soon as the presence of God touched the waters, the waters opened up and stood still until all the people had crossed on dry ground. the men carrying the presence of God were the last to come up from the river bed. and, when they did, the waters rushed again.

what i think was so amazing about this part of the story is that what seemed like an obstacle to the promised land actually became a pathway to it. that is so like God! many things that look like obstacles in our way of God's promises will actually become pathways to attaining them! He relishes in turning the obstacles in the way of His promise into pathways! if we know that is what God is all about, we will not get discouraged at obstacles, but excited instead. really, every time that we see obstacles in our way, we should rejoice, because we know that God is going to do a miracle to provide our promise for us. what a concept! rejoicing for the obstacles!

What about you?

What is it you are studying? What lessons did God want you to learn this week, and what did you take away from your pastor's lesson or church family today that you can apply to your lives now?

Let's share with one another what we are learning and how we are growing up in Christ. Be your hometown church representative and fill us all in!


Heart2Heart said...


I think if I could go back to a moment in History I would love to see the powers of God through carrying the Ark through the waters and watching them part.

Perhaps in Heaven we will be able to watch all of the miracles God did in His theater.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tara said...

What a great lesson to hear and then apply to our lives. We all have obstacles and so often they are seen as negative but as you point out, they are pathways to something greater.

I was reading this as you left a comment for me :-) Now I'm going to see what you had to say!

Beth E. said...

Christy Rose,
Thank you so much for your kind comments about the video of my son singing and playing the piano. God has given him that talent/gift...he's never had piano lessons!

I spoke about that in an earlier post. Here's the link:

You are so sweet and kind...bless you!

Five Moms & A Blog said...
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Five Moms & A Blog said...

We were studying in Nehemiah... and oddly, it (to me) is one of those not so famous stories. One of the ones you don't learn about as a child. Yet I learned new stuff and thought "Huh, this one IS still applicable to us TODAY!" Weird how I've spent my whole life in church and yet still... new stuff to learn every time. =0)


Angela said...

Well being a Roman Catholic, one thing that all Roman Catholic's ALL over the world was listening too was from the book of Joshua also! That is SO cool that your pastor was reading and talking about it also.

The Roman Catholic denomination will have the same readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament and Gospels in every Church. It's quite powerful to know that SO many are gathered before the Word of God like that!!!

rcubes said...

"Obstacles in our path...if they weren't there and we didn't trip, we wouldn't have known that Someone is eager to help us get up again. When we are bruised and battered, weary and at the verge of quitting after tumbling down, may these lead us to the transforming power of the cross.

Great post. God bless and have a great day sister Christy!

Kristin said...

I love thinking of it that way, obstacles as pathways! I totally forgot about you suggesting I participate in this. I will try to remember for next week, even though my post today does share what I learned yesterday.

Darcie said...

Absolutly so beautiful and so true. Thanks for helping me to see obstacles in a new light.

Laura said...

This is one of my favorite Bible stories, C.R.! Have you heard that song by Jeremy Camp called, "Give me Jesus?" It's beautiful.

We are gearing up for stewardship season so our pastor has been speaking on serving, etc. Our new pastors start in Sept., we are kind of in-between, so it's been hard to have a theme on Sundays.

this is a cool idea.

Laura Brown said...

Great insights, Sunday. We used to say that God takes the bad that happens and turns it into good. It goes along with He turns our obstacles into opportunities.

God is faithful! He has done both many times in my life.

Mich said...

Great idea...

God is so AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Christy Rose,

I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and want to get over here and read your posts, but right now I am very short on time, so I promise I will be back to visit as soon as I can!!!



Linda said...

That sounds like a wonderful series Christy Rose.
Our Pastor is going through the book of Mark. His series is entitled "The Real Jesus." He is giving us a glimpse, as we go through Mark's book, of what Jesus was really like - in His humanity and His Diety. I'm really enjoying it.

Joanne@ Blessed... said...


Girl, your words were beautiful. What growth in a study this will be for all who sit under it.

I can't wait to hear more!

...and so you know, I am having my button 'prettied-up' so next week you will be able to post it and it won't be quite as bare!

Hugs!! Joanne

Crown of Beauty said...

I'm glad I stopped by today. This is a very good post, especially so since Joshua is one of my favorite books.

What you shared is true, that "the law was able to take the children of Israel up to the promised land but it took faith to actually step into it"... yes there are some things that the law (doctrine) can do for us, but it takes faith to actually step into the river and possess our inheritance.

Thank you for what you shared, and putting in your own personal insights as well.

I hope you share some more next Monday.


Andrea said...

Thank you for your prayers, love, and encouraging words.

Kee said...

I love this post. Obstacles into pathways, an entirely new way of thinking about things, atleast for me. I mean I know this but I sometimes forget it way too often.

Thanks Christy for inspiring and reminding me.

Adeye said...

Oh what a wonderful idea, sweet friend.
Oohhh, we're pressing into end times teachings at our church. It really is stirring up the congregation to realize we HAVE to be the hands and feet of Jesus in these days. Time is so short. We see it all around us. No more time to waste on petty things. Time to grow up as the Body of Christ...time to be His voice on the earth and be a witness to ALL who do not know Him yet.

Hope you've had a blessed day :)

Anonymous said...

My pastor is taking us through Philippians. This week he was focusing on chpater 1 verse 9...where Paul prayed that the church would overflow with love one for another but at the same time, hunger after knowledge and truth. He hit a hard truth when he looked from the pulpit and said "You are very loving but you are not very hungry"

Could have heard a pin drop!

momstheword said...

What a lovely post! I love the part about the obstacles turning into pathways. Love that because that is our God. Nothing stops Him.

~*Michelle*~ said...

"what seemed like an obstacle to the promised land actually became a pathway to it."

Another AMEN from me! You know I have been talking about my obstacles and thank you for sharing that these indeed are part of God's great plan for me.

thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Christy Rose,

I am always amazed by the Israelites that they saw God part the Red Sea, they had the pillar of fire by night and the cloud to lead them by day, they were fed, and their clothing did not wear out, and still they did not trust God. And then I realize I am too often like they were…not trusting God. I need to learn from their mistake. May God help us all to truly put our trust in Him!


chili pepper said...

Interesting. Our Pastor was preaching on Joshua, too. The title is conquering your Giants. Need I say more?

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I've had a few Jordan moments as of late; indeed, it takes great faith to walk them through, believing that it was intended as part of the path rather than an obstacle.

blessings and peace this week~elaine

PS: Love the entire story of Joshua. Actually, I love all of God's Word! Such a treasure trove.

Jennifer W. said...

"the law was able to take the children of Isreal up to the promised land but it took faith to actually step into it." Powerful revelation. And still so true in every facet of our lives!!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh what a great post with so many wonderful insights. I don't even know where to begin. But it has definitely left me with some food for thought! Thanks for sharing!

Erica said...

How wonderful to 'grow up' together in that way! What a great statement about the law and faith! We missed church this Sunday, but I happen to know it was on sex, too bad we missed it ;)!