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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

one step closer to a full recovery

one of the things that keeps mulling over and over in my heart since this last weekend is that the lives we live here on this earth were not meant to be overwhelming at all. we all need to be set free from addictive behavior, behavior that reveals insecurity, stress and fear concerning the issues of our lives. we are all in recovery. recovery from believing the lies of our enemy, keeping us far from our Father, overwhelmed and scared. the Scripture tells us that we will have trials in this world but to be of good cheer because Jesus has overcome the world. be of good cheer! be happy! can we actually be happy if our circumstances are not what we would like for them to be? i believe so! we do not have to be happy about our situation that is not so fun. but, we can be happy that we have hope for tomorrow! hope in our Lord brings joy and happiness in the midst of anything.

everyone of us has different things that we go through and fears that we face. being fearful and happy do not ever happen at the same time. one replaces the other. a person who is truly happy knows that life has a lot of bumps and turns but everyone of them can be overcome if he remains safely in the arms of his loving God.

living loved! that was a phrase that we heard many times this last weekend. learning to live in the unconditional, unending, unfailing love of God! learning to live and respond to everything that we encounter knowing that it is going to be OK because God loves me! just the thought of His perfect love brings a calm sense to my soul. if i am afraid or overwhelmed, i am not living loved! because perfect love casts out all fear! i want to live loved in the midst of everything! i want that!

wayne jacobsen from Lifestream Ministries was another speaker that ministered this past weekend. he spoke about reconizing that any time we wonder if God is going to take care of us, we are not living in His love. we are still seeing Him as a harsh, judgemental dictator that just might not be satisfied with our lives at the moment and therefore may not answer us when we call out to Him. there should be no wondering! God is satisfied with us because of Jesus! always! He is longing for us to respond to the revelation of how intense His love is for us, because He knows when we do, we will be able to experience the abundant life that He has for us. He is all about relationship and hates religion. religion is man trying to figure out how to make God happy with him. man trying!!! relationship is man living in the love of His Father because He has no fear of the punishment that has already been paid for. man resting in God's accomplished work!! resulting in only love and acceptance! always!

it is hard sometimes to remember God's goodness when religion of today and yesterday continues to steer us toward looking to our outward behavior intead of our inward transformation. the pharisees were so concerned about everyone following the Law but had no concern for the issues of true righteousness of the heart that came from faith. if we all were very honest with ourselves, we would recognize pharisetical tendencies in our own lives. these tendencies keep us from living loved by God. but each time that we get a deeper revelation of His true love for us, revealed in Jesus, we walk in a little more freedom of our religious attitude and experience more of our love relationship with God. we are all recovering pharisees. some more recovered than others. each step we take in recognizing His love for us is one step closer to a full recovery.

to be continued...


Denise said...

I think we also have difficulty in accepting/understanding the completeness of God's love because it is so unlike the love we experience here. We love and receive love in the manner we have experienced it here on earth. We desperately need to become the Beloved of God that we truly are. Henri Nouwen once said, "Becoming the Beloved means letting the truth of our Belovedness become enfleshed in everything we think, say or do." Love as we are loved. Living that love every moment.


Beth in NC said...

So true Christy Rose! If we only could walk in the pure understanding of God's love for us -- no fear could touch us. The revelation of His perfect love is powerful -- hence the spiritual battle to prevent us from walking in that understanding.

Bless you today,

Angela said...

if i am afraid or overwhelmed, i am not living loved! because perfect love casts out all fear! i want to live loved in the midst of everything! i want that!

a person who is truly happy knows that life has a lot of bumps and turns but everyone of them can be overcome if he remains safely in the arms of his loving God.

hope in our Lord brings joy and happiness in the midst of anything.

learning to live and respond to everything that we encounter knowing that it is going to be OK because God loves me!

I could have pretty much copied out your whole post,,LOL..These statements above though TOUCHED my spirit greatly and ministered to me, strengthening me..I'm off to read your other post now..LOL Blessings precious. Yes, I would have LOVED to be there at this conference. When I read yesterday's post (didn't have a chance to comment), the first thing that caught my eye was 'fearless' I thought of my Fearless Friday meme...

Andrea said...

"Living Loved"....oh, how GOD wants this for us. Too many times we allow satan to destroy and kill our joy.
I totally agree that most organized religion is all about the outside appearance and do not seem concerned with matters of the heart. My husband once said to the chairman of deacons, "what is right....what looks right or what is right" husband told him he was NOT concerned about the appearance in the situation, but he was concerned to do what GOD would have him to do whether it looked right to others or not. I am thankful he chose to stand firm, knowing HE was a living vessel for Jesus Christ in that particular situation.
Much love, hugs, and prayers, andrea

Shanda said...

Truly, if we could completely grasp these truths we would live differently. It really does all come down to love...

LisaShaw said...

Good message! Joy focused in God's love is how I lived and that keeps the focus off of how I "feel" about whatever negative situations that are faced. It's all temporary even that which is painful but Joy is everlasting. His joy is indeed our strength. His love is indeed our covering.

God bless.

RCUBEs said...

We have the choice of just existing or we can accept that Love and live life to the full! Love is God's greatest attribute and it's sad that many still don't know it. Thank you for sharing stuff from the conference. I am learning so much. God bless sister Christy. Love and blessings.

Jennifer W. said...

I remember when we first got married, I was a worrier. I worried about finances, I worried about Paul's job (he got laid off less than a year into our marriage and I was already PG with Ash) I worried about everything-but Paul didn't. He always said 'God will take care of us.' And after many years of living with that thought first in my mind, and LOTS of prayer, anytime I begin to worry, I have gradually overcome my need to worry and overthink everything. I now 'let go and let God.' It's not a perfect thing, though. He's still workin on me and I hope He never stops!!

Heart2Heart said...


Truer words could not have been spoken! Too often we believe the lie that we have to work hard to get into God's good graces. If that were indeed true, Heaven would be a mighty small place with very little occupants. I am so glad it's not by works but by faith that please God, and it's that ongoing faith that is suppose to substain us.

Guess we just have to keep looking up!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Anonymous said...

There is a vast difference between religion and godliness...I want godliness!

He has shown us what He do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Him...Isn't He good to make it so simple?

Great Post, Christy Rose!



momstheword said...

I think if some people don't have a good relationship with their earthly father, it may be harder for them to comprehend the love of a Heavenly Father.

Loved your post, living loved!

We are to take joy in our Lord, not in our circumstances. There is always something we can be thankful for and being joyful over, even in the hardest times.

The Lord changes us from the inside out, but some people try to do it themselves from the outside IN, and that's backward. They try to change their actions and behavior (like you said) but they haven't made the heart change.

Because they don't realize that it is a relational thing. They think they have to do it.

Tracy Wagman said...

I feel extra loved just reading this!

Beth E. said...

Living for me! :-)

Julie said...

I love Wayne Jacobsen's teachings. I've heard several of them, read his books, etc... He's opened our eyes to see more of the freedom from religion into relationship. Sounds like an amazing conference!

Anonymous said...

I think that we assume God is not going to take care of us. That is when Pride comes in and we say "I'll do it myself" . We get into the habit of living as if we are orphans when we actually have a Father who is willing to be an intimate parent!

Saleslady371 said...

I enjoyed this powerful message, Christy! You wrote about not losing our joy during troubles. That speaks loudly to me now. Trouble can be a joy stealer, but understanding the love we have been given in Christ is so much greater and puts the smile back on my face.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Oh my goodness! What a great post!! I love this--we are all recovering pharisees! So very true--and the more God reveal his love to us the more we realize we don't deserve it!! It is grace--undeserved but completely unconditional!!

E @ Scottsville said...

Ya know, if only we could really FATHOM the total fullness of God's love. Someday, my friend. Someday!

Lauren said...

I just found you from Hope's blog and I am loving you! You have a gorgeous family! I am looking forward to getting to know you better through blog - land!

Be Blessed ~ Lauren