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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

better than a dream

when i was a little girl, i dreamed and imagined of what life would be like when i grew up. all i could remember wanting to be was a wife and mommy. i wanted a family to take care of and love. since that was my goal, i thought that i would find someone when i was young and marry young, thinking like before age 20. i wanted to be a young mommy. i did not want to be old when my kids were still young. well, life does not always go the way that you dream it as a little girl. i was 25 when i got married, which is definitely not old but not as young as i wanted to be. but, the man that i married that day has been more than the man of my dreams. i love him more today than the day that we got married.

yesterday was our anniversary. we have been married for 18 years. wow! the time goes so fast! since the day we got married, we have been sharing our lives and then raising babies together. this life that the Lord has blessed me with could not be more fulfilling. i love my life. i get to stay at home and be the mommy that is there for her kids all the time. aaron is a wonderful provider as God has blessed him with a job that pays well enough for me to fulfill my dream of taking care of a family.

sunday was father's day too. so, i want to take this opportunity to bless my husband with the thoughts and feelings written here as a token of how much i appreciate him and love him:


when i met you 25 years ago, i thought you were the sweetest guy that i had ever met, but i had no idea the plan that God had for our lives and where he was going to take us. the memories that i have of getting to know you and seeing your heart and the potential that you had, make my heart jump just thinking about them. God knew what He was doing. He was knitting our hearts together even back then. then, spending time with you and letting who you are touch me so deeply. i think that is when i began to fall in love with you. we have grown so much together and yet the person that i met back then still moves me today. you are a wonderful husband and an absolutely excellent father. i want to honor you here, knowing that we have just celebrated father's day and our anniversary. i could not have dreamed up a more wonderful person to share my life with than you! You are better than a dream! Happy Father's Day and Happy Anniversary! I love you!


Angela said...

What an amazing post...'she does him good all the days of his life' Proverbs 31...and Ephesians 3:20 came to my mind about God doing more than you could ask or imagine..((hugs)) blessings precious sister to you and yours.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Christy, when I come to your blog and leave a comment, my screen locks up and does horrible things. I think you have some kind of weird loop in your HTML codes... and it makes it really hard to leave comments. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me???

I'd say it happens 70% of the time... so it's a RISK every time. =0) Luckily I'm a risk taker.

I really appreciated your comment on my post about Riley yesterday. You're a sweet & wise friend!


Tracy Wagman said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mich said...

HAppy Anniversary! May God continue to shower you with rich blessings as you travel another 18 years together.

I love the song playing. One of my favorites. God is certainly GREAT!

momstheword said...

Whaat a sweet tribute to your hubby! My hubby and I were friends for five years before we ever began dating. So I have lovely memories of him too. I so admired and respected his walk with the Lord and his commitment to Him, and this is even before we dated.

And you're right, the time does indeed fly!

BTW, I don't have any trouble on my computer when I visit you!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!!

God bless,


RCUBEs said...

What a great post to honor your husband. Happy Anniversary to both of you! God bless you both and may He give you more number of days to share this wonderful marriage of yours. Love you in Christ!
BTW, crab fried rice is like any kind of fried rice. Just replace the meat with crab meat-"delicious"!!!

Miss Charlene said...

Aww that's a beautiful post! It's so wonderful to see a successful marriage knit together in the Lord! Also funny because growing up, the last thing I wanted to be was a housewife and mom. Then I got married at 18 and pregnant at 19. Funny how life is huh? God likes to surprise us ;)

twofinches said...


Your husband needed no greater gift than those words fomr yrou blessed you are! How blessed is He. How blessed you children too!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Talk about a convergence of blessings! I just love it when I get to witness someone having a gratitude attack.

Thank you for sharing your joy, and may the next 18 years of marriage be even more fabulous than those now passing!


Beth E. said...

What a great way to honor your husband! Happy anniversary!

Joyful mom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a beautiful way to honor your man. May the next 18 years be even more wonderful than the first 18 :) How blessed we are to have a front row seat here--to be able to see ALL that He is going to do in and through you both.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary!

I got married when I was 25 also. We celebrated 26 years this past March... Funny we were both married at 25, both have 5 children... I wonder what else we have in common!

Hope your day was blessed!

christy rose said...


We both have a son named Josiah too!

Mindy May said...

I thought the same thing. I am still not married but dating a wonderful man. I just turned 28. What a wonderful story

Jennifer W. said...

Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!!

Warren Baldwin said...

This was not only a great testament to your own marriage in particular, but a great testament to a biblical, godly perspective of marraige in general. Great post! And congratulations on 18 wonderful years for your marriage, with prayers for many more. wb

Daveda said...

Oh, I have tears! This is so sweet. God is so amazing, He knows exactly what and who we need. Love ya!

Happy Anniversary, and many more!

Runner Mom said...

Happy belated Anniversary, sweet friend! I pray that God will continue to bless you and Aaron and your family!! What a legacy you leave for your family.


~*Michelle*~ said...

*sniffling and wiping boogies from my keyboard*

What a beautiful blessed you both are to be sharing your lives together, under God's protection and love.


Carrie said...

That is wonderful! I'm not even sure I had a goal when I would get married and thought it would just happen! But when Dan and I met in high school, we were just friends, but have grown so much together! We will celebrate our 10-year Anniversary next sure goes fast! Happy Anniversary, such sweet words and so happy for both of you to have been blessed with each other :)

{And thanks again for your wonderful and sweet comments! Having a blog has been great for me to keep my pictures as memories! Otherwise, they would just be on my computer, not in a scrapbook or photo is great in that way :) }

Heart2Heart said...


Please stop by my blog today for an extra special surprise just for all your wonderful hardwork. Thanks again for your blessings you give me each time you comment.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Martha said...

Aw, what a beautiful tribute to your hubby. Happy Anniversary! Isn't it funny how we can't control some aspects of our lives? I've always wanted to be a young mother which did come true when I was 19 BUT I've always wanted my children to be close in age and my son is three years old with no siblings (sigh) but I know the Lord writes our life story and He is the best author, so we need to trust Him :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Christy Rose,

18 year! Congratulations! That is so exiting, and I am thrilled for you!

This is all so sweet. God has the best plan for our lives. All the same, I think it is touching that you wanted to be married and have a family younger.

I had my first child at age 24, and in my family, that felt OLD. Even though I was ready to be married earlier, my husband was not. I always think that is why God had me wait to meet him. I could not be happier.


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how sweet! Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys had a great day!

momstheword said...

That is so true. There are so many things I will miss one day, so I agree.

However, in this case we have my elderly mom living with us and I am worried that she will trip over them so I keep telling the kids not to leave their shoes out!

Doesn't seem to be doing much good though, at least not as fast as I'd hoped.

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!! You've written a beautiful tribute to your husband.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

18 years!! Oh that is so beautiful and your love inspires us all!! Your marriage is a sweet aroma to Christ!

Your comments always touch me, too. : ) Thank you for being such an encourager--that is truly a wonderful gift of the Spirit that you have!

Marina said...

Coming over from SITS and here's wishing youll many more years of happiness and love. God bless!

Come bunny hop over to my 4 giveaways running and would love for you to enter them :>

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

May God give you many more years of joy and blessing with one another! Happy Anniversary to you.


Five Moms & A Blog said...

Happy Anniversary!! That was a great tribute post to a man of God that deserves it! Hooray for both of you! Marriage is hard and working through all the ups and downs is great depth of character!!

I love your heart, you are soo genuine!


Loren said...

Happy Anniversary! I forgot to say that this morning....

I left you an award on my blog today!