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Thursday, October 1, 2009

magic kingdom-----our vacation day 3

sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast then headed off to magic kingdom.

waiting for the bus, we all passed the time with a hoola hoop contest.

                            go olivia!!


                                                                                   i think josiah thought the hoop was a jumprope.
                                                                                     he actually was the best hoola hooper.

jacob was not quite sure what to do with the hoola hoop. he just wore it as a necklace.

                                   man!!! i am good!!! not!!!!

                     go, daddy go!!!!

             the bus finally came and we were off the magic kingdom.

amanda is getting her autograph book all ready for the disney characters to sign.

                magic kingdom here we come!!!!

                                                                                        ----on to the castle----

                                                                                   jacob is hanging on for dear life

                                                                                 aren't they the cutest mice you've ever seen?

riding the carousel

flying with dumbo

                                     taking on splash mountain

we left magic kingdom to dine at the 1900 park fare's royal table with cinderella
of course, we had to wait awhile for our table to be ready.

finally, our table is ready.  cinderella greets us!

josiah gets a gentlemen's lesson from the princess herself

the girls smiled big to get their picture taken with prince charming.

cinderella's wicked stepmother rudely made her acquaintance too

looking for a husband for her daugherters, she asked josiah if he was eligible.

when she found out he was, she announced to anastasia that she had found the man that she was to marry.
anastasia came running and kissed him right on the cheek.
she was so happy to have found such a handsome husband.

                     then she posed with her future sister in laws.

                      drizella stopped by for a visit too.

she was none too happy to know that anastasia had snatched up josiah.

dinner was delicious and so much fun! we laughed and laughed!
we had another super great day!


LisaShaw said...

Hey Christy, looks like everyone is having a fantastic time on vacation! Love the photos....

enjoy your family time sister.

Kristin said...

Hahaha! That is too cute! My girls would just love that! YOu have such a precious family, Christy!

Darcie said...

Wow...haven't hoola hooped in years! Looks like you all were doing just fine.

Laughing at the picture of your son with the stepdaugthers...too funny!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my past post.

Karen said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your fun times with us.....

Bridget said...

What a cool story with pictures, too!! I think it's great that you had such a great vacation!!

Jules said...

That looks like you had an awesome time. Great pictures with your story.

Angie said...

It looks like you're having blast -I'm so jealous, I wish I was at Disney! I love the picture of Jacobs face as he's looking up at the Anastasia trying to kiss Josiah. He's not sure what to make of it all. Have fun!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh how fun. Those pictures were great. I love that the characters were having such a great time with your family. So sweet.

Mich said...

What fun! Loved the pictures.

thanks for the encouraging comment you left me the other day.

Loren said...

looks like you all had sooo much fun!! Our family loves to hulahoop too :) You should see my mom....She is the bomb!

love you friend

rcubes said...

Everything looked sooo much fun! That was nice that all of your children had fun, no matter what the age. And who would have thought that your son would meet his possible MIL? LOL...

God bless you sister and your family. said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time :)

Angela said...

Too cute the pictures. My dream is to bring my family there one day. Hubby and I had our honeymoon there.

Tea With Tiffany said...

Love these pics. What a gift to be able to have a family vacation. Mine is coming up fast. Can't wait.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Christy! What an awesome trip! We are complete Disney addicts -- our entire extended family.

My favorite ride: Splash Mountain.

Looks you had a dinner in the castle, yes?

Heart2Heart said...


Oh how much fun it truly seems that all of you had. You made it fun right from the beginning with hula hooping. You know, I too, can't do that anymore. Go figure! Love that you are planning on a upcoming wedding for your son, just think! Royalty in the family!

Thank so much for all the fun and beautiful family pictures that you have shared with all of us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tammy On the Go said...

Oh, you were so close to me...I am not far from Orlando! One day we have to meet...looks like fun. It's my most favorite place on earth. I will have to send you an invitation to view my disney blog!

thanks for commenting on my blog....

Jenn@Spejory said...

So fun! I laughed through the whole thing. Great photos!

Billy Coffey said...

If you ever want to see me look like a complete idiot, give me a hula hoop.

That looks like a great time. Enjoy your vacation!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

I am so glad that there are other wives and moms that don't like to Iron. I hate it, but I am going to try and stick to my challenge.
Thanks for the comment on the 5 moms blog today.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Christy,
I've been away a long time and it's great to be back on blogland.

Had fun reading your vacation write up and viewing the pics you posted! Read up from Sept 28 up to this most recent one. I really enjoyed the was obvious you had so much fun. The reddish glow on all of you after that day at the beach had such a heartwarming effect on me.

Thanks for taking time to share all these with us.


Kristin said...

I just had to come tell you that I was laughing out loud when you said I could have a little boy and then change my blog title to These Little Girls and a Little Boy of Mine. LOL! That was so funny! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you had a lot of Disney visitors, there! What fun you all are having!

Beth in NC said...

Oh, I love it!!!

heidi said...

Well. I was loving you already - reading through your blog but then came the clincher. Your husband is wearing a Bears shirt. Then I knew it was kismet - we were meant to be blog friends.

I'm envious of your vacation! Your family is gorgeous - just gorgeous.

Tara said...

Josiah doesn't even seem mortified like most teenage boys would. He's a great sport!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Those pictures are just great! I was LOL as I was scrolling through.

Jennifer W. said...

Oh man. How great is that?? Pray really hard for jealousy is mounting... :)