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Thursday, October 8, 2009

epcot-------our vacation day 6

this was our day at epcot. we were up and going a little slower by this morning. we were starting to feel the effects of all of our long days. but, we were still excited to get to our next attraction for the week.

this is a picture of the kids on top of the big cowboy boot in front of our room at the resort. we stayed at the all star music resort in the country fair building. they had country music playing all the time.

  we are waiting in line for the bus to take us to epcot.


 we hadn't even gotten started yet and everyone
is already trying to steal jacob's stroller.

                                      the rose family at epcot                                                                                                                                                                

angie's brother joined us for our day at epcot. the kids made fun of his big straw hat all day. good thing he was a good sport about it. i think he actually liked the attention. he made us laugh a lot.

we saw many workers riding around on these standing motorized vehicles, called segways,and wondered about them. we happened to find a place in the park where they were giving riding lessons for them.

aaron and josiah enjoyed getting on them and trying them out,

while amanda found a place to make a craft in a nearby room of creativity.

                 then it was time to find those disney characters

                                  mr mickey mouse, himself

                                           along with minnie

                                         and pluto


                  and, of course, donald duck

                                                                                   but, they just plain wore jacob out

     we enjoyed a great steak dinner in canada at le celier steakhouse

    even jacob enjoyed some steak. that is how tender it was.

      here, i enjoyed the best desert all week
      they called it whiskey chocolate cake. it was absolutely delicious!
      i have no idea about the whiskey though. couldn't taste that at all.

     the kids had chocolate mousse.  cute, but it was not as good as mine.

                                              we were so full!

    jacob found a new traveling position. i wonder who was trying to get in his stroller then.

                                                                                 olivia at the interactive under the sea show.

               this was one of our favorite rides, along with soarin'.

we cut our day shorter than normal this day so we could go back to the resort and relax and swim. besides that, we still had a full day at animal kingdom waiting for us the next day. i think we were back at the resort by 10 pm.


Catherine Anne said...

Looks like such a fun trip! My kids cant wait to go one day~

Greg C said...

I does look like you had a wonderful time. I remember those days of the kids falling asleep in the stroler. I'm sure you all were tired by the end of the day. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am finally making the rounds to say thank you.

Tracy's prayin'4u said...

Looks like the place to be!
God bless your vacation.

Heart2Heart said...


I love how you captured the kids in Jacob's stroller. Perfect for showing at unexpected times! I bet with all the pictures you have taken you could put together one incredible vacation video slide show set to some amazing voice overs and music.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Darcie said...

I remember Epcot...and remember loving it! I might have had to borrow the stoller by that point too! Fun pictures!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun vacation so far. I can't believe there is more that is awesome. That dessert looks fabulous. YUM. My older ones try to steal the stroller all the time.

Karen said...

More great pictures! Loved the ones in the stroller....

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm relieved to see that Jacob finally got his stroller back. LOL!

Laura said...

YOur kids are just adorable! It looks like you are creating some sweet memories to warm you in days to come!

Adeye said...

So much fun, dear friend. Ug, as I sit here in the snow, seeing all those pics with the summery clothes makes me want to catch the next flight out of here heading to a HOT place :)

Gorgeous kiddos!

Jennifer W. said...

It's the middle of the trip slump!! It happens to the best of us. :) Still, it looks like you had a great time. We love test track but we REALLY love Soarin. We've never eaten at Le Cellier, but we'll have to go there next time if the steaks are that good-they closed my favorite steakhouse at DW down in 2008. :( Can't wait to hear about Animal Kingdom-hope you alll rode Everest!!

Sassy Granny ... said...

What a fun way to experience your family. That Jacob is so adorable!!! I especially loved his snoozing pose.


E @ Scottsville said...

OH MY GOONDESS! I'm loving your last posts of all your fun!!!

That is one NICE stroller if it holds even the big kids. =0)

Great times!!! Great memories!

McCrakensx4 said...

Epcot is so much fun! My fav is trying all the different kinds of food from all the different countires! French pastries were my fav!

Miss Charlene said...

Aw, I enjoyed the picture story! So funny about the stroller and how it wore the little tyke out! Glad to see you guys enjoyed your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Hello Christy Rose,

I have never been to Epcot Center, although everyone seems to love it so.

That is funny...using Jacob's stroller, no one in our family ever thought of that...maybe I need another child so we can all indulge in the relaxation...yes! I think I do! ☺

I am sure you could never get intoxicated by alcohol in the cake. I once had pecan pie with some sort of alcohol...I don't know if it was whiskey or rum, but that pie got me hooked on pecan pie for life! I have never made it with the alcohol though, and everyone in my little family loves pecan pie.


Tara said...

They have added so much fun stuff since my last trip to Disney. I can't wait to take Andrew when he gets a bit bigger!

RCUBEs said...

I guess your son Jacob was a good sport in lending his stroller to older siblings :)

Every pic spells F-U-N!!! Glad you had an amazing time...Thank you sister for praying for my son. He's doing much better today. Glory to God! Have a great weekend to you. Love and blessings.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

OH how fun! Epcot is one of our favs. We road Soarin 3 times. It was so much fun! You got some great pics! Can't wait to see the rest!

Loren said...

How funny that they all wanted the stroller!!

You guys sure know how to pack all the fun that is to be had in one awesome trip ~

So happy for you all!