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Monday, March 14, 2011

who knew turning three could be so much fun!!

jacob turned three this past weekend. my, how time flies!! his birthday was friday, march 11, so we had a little birthday cake and let him open one of his presents that evening. then we had a birthday party with the rest of our family on saturday afternoon.

he is always wanting to use daddy's golf clubs so he was thrilled to have one of his own, just his size

with a little coaching from daddy to keep his eye on the ball, he was very proud to see he hit it very well
after that he had to do it all on his own
on saturday, the rest of the family came over to help celebrate jacob turning 3 years old.  he couldn't get enough of opening presents that is for sure.  he was very fun to watch!

jacob is always stealing everyone's keys, so grandma rose got him his very own set

we saved the big present for last.
i think the expression on his face revealed the excitement in his heart perfectly! you can watch it for yourself here.

after fun on the tractor settled down, we headed back inside for cake, ice cream and a little more birthday fun.

"i'm gonna shot you"
who knew turning three could be so much fun!!


Tara said...

Andrew loves his John Deere tractor and he perked up when he saw Jacob's on the screen. Glad he had a great birthday!

Mich said...

Love it! What a fun age. Happy birthday to the little guy!

septembermom said...

How sweet!! He looks great :) I'm glad that he had a wonderful birthday.

Kristin said...

How cute!! Happy Birthday Jacob. I just found out I'm pregnant fun, huh?! :)

-stephanie- said...

Looks like the perfect birthday.
Happy 3 Jacob!

Alleluiabelle said...

I love these pictures. What a beautiful family you have and what a sweet little guy Jacob is. I just want to scoop him up and kiss those adorable little cheeks. What a little heart breaker he is.

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Love you Christy,

Pilar said...

Happy birthday to your little one!

Darcie said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! You can see him slowing changing from the young baby look to a toddler. But as always...adorable!

Mom of Many said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jacob! Your tractor looks like so much fun. Hope that you enjoyed your very special day!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cccuuuuttte! I so miss 3:) What a wonderful birthday and GIFT!!!!

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