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Monday, June 7, 2010

He is indescribable

amanda and a couple of her friends from church did a dance during the offering at our church on sunday. they were so sweet and did such a great job, i thought i would share it here. hope you enjoy it!
He is indescribable!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

you only turn 15 once

last night we celebrated rachel's birthday. this was her year to pick a place to go out to eat with all of her family instead of having a party. she loves wings, so she picked buffalo wild wings. since tuesday is $.45 wing night, we made tuesday be the night we celebrated her birthday. :) with a family the size of ours, that saved us about $35.00 and since the month of may has seemed like it has just been draining the money out of our bank account, every penny saved helps out. we all ate wings until we were stuffed and had a great time celebrating rachel's 15th birthday.

waiting for a table
you always need a toothpick after eating wings
i think that rachel's birthday was just an excuse to go out to eat and have some fun together as a family. i don't think that we necessarily need an excuse. we can always have fun together, but memories are important and i hope that rachel remembers this time because......................

you only turns 15 once------------we love you rachel!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

starting the summer with a license to drive

today was the first full day out of school for us. summer has now begun. the kids all slept in today. it felt really good to not have to get them up and let them sleep until they woke up by themselves. i used to love to sleep in when i was a kid and i love letting them do it too.

josiah was the first one awake because he was pretty excited about his upcoming day. he knew he was going to be able to go and get his driver's license today. i can hardly believe that he is going to be driving by himself. it is kind of bittersweet to me. i am proud to see my son growing up and becoming a young man and yet saddened that he is not my baby boy anymore. i think he thinks that the license that he got today is a license to take on the world. he is pretty stoked about it.
and yet grandma rose was letting him have a little piece of her mind with her lecture about a license being a privilege and not a right. i hope josiah listened very carefully.

it is going to be a lot different around here knowing that josiah can just drive instead of having to take him everywhere he needs to go. i hope it is a wonderful summer for him. the first day is looking good for him so far because he is................

starting the summer with a license to drive